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12-04-2007, 05:46 PM
Nixism Web Hosting
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2 Huge Coupons. 1 Host, its Nixism Web Hosting (http://www.nixism.com)!
75% off any package!

New Reseller Plans:
These new reseller plans are known as our "Webmaster Resellers (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/webmaster-plans/)". These resellers are targeted at the consumers that are looking for a cheap web hosting, and it also gives you the ability to neatly arrange your plans in WHM. These reseller plans are an extension to our shared packages, but with reseller privileges, and there are also just as affordable.

With the launch of our new reseller plans, you can take advantage of them with a 75% off coupon code.

Use coupon code WEBMASTER (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?promocode=WEBMASTER) to take advantage.

Major Price Cuts:
The holidays are here, and its the perfect time to give back to the consumers. What better way to give back to the consumers than to do a cut in the prices for all of our plans. Applies to any shared and reseller package.

Use coupon code HAPPYCUTS (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?promocode=HAPPYCUTS) to take advantage.

Shared packages - link (http://www.nixism.com/shared/)
Reseller packages - link (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/)
Web Master packages - link (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/webmaster-plans/)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!