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05-07-2013, 12:19 AM
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All New BurstNET® Website! - http://www.burst.net (http://www.burst.net/?c=182&kw=newsite)

BREAKING NEWS! NEW PA DATA CENTER FACILITY NOW OPEN! (http://www.burst.net/dc2-pa.php?c=69&kw=colocation)

COLOCATION SALE OFFER #1! Full Rack, 20A Power, 100Mbps Bandwidth - ONLY $499.95/MONTH!!! (http://www.burst.net/sale.php?c=69&kw=colodeals)
COLOCATION SALE OFFER #2! Full Rack, 40A Power, 1Gbps Bandwidth - ONLY $999.95/MONTH!!! (http://www.burst.net/sale.php?c=69&kw=colodeals)

BURSTNET® is actively seeking anchor tenants for the new facility.
Contact BurstNET® now to design a custom package to meet your exact Co-Location needs.
BURSTNET® will negotiate heavily and consider any reasonable offer for the new facility space!
BURSTNET® offers space in the new facility from 1U up to private 50,000 SQ FT suites.
Attached office space is available, as well as many amenities, including a client-useable conference room.
Click here (http://www.burst.net/dc2-pa.php?c=69&kw=colocation) for details on BURSTNET®'s new PA Data Center.

BREAKING NEWS! NEW PA DATA CENTER FACILITY NOW OPEN! (http://www.burst.net/dc2-pa.php?c=69&kw=colocation)

The new BurstNET® flagship facility, housing our corporate global headquarters, is now open.
BurstNET® has already relocated its corporate offices to the new facility as of August 2012. Sale of facility space has begun.
The 32,000 sq ft facility, with 50,000+ of expansion space available, is a Tier II buildout, with sectional Tier III capability available as needed.
The facility will be SSAE 16 complaint, with a heavy focus on Co-Location purposing, including healthcare, financial, and government clientele---the first major facility of its kind in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

This new facility offers a full menu of Co-Location services, from 1U rackspace all the way up to private cages and suites.
Private office space is also available in the facility, and even attached to the data center center floor---perfect for clientele wishing to house their own on-site techs within the facility.
BurstNET® is currently seeking anchor tenants for the facility...please contact us at sales@burst.net to discuss.

The facility is centrally located two hours west of New York City, two hours north of Philadelphia, and five hours east of Pittsburgh.
Travel is convenient with a location near the intersections of major interstate highways: US-81 & US-84, and PA Turnpike 476.

In mid-2013, BurstNET® will have it's own DWDM fiber optic network (1G, 10G, 40G, & 100G multi-circuit capable), running over leased dark fiber,
directly connected to major New York City and New Jersey carrier hotels, followed later in 2013 by the same to Philadelphia PA.
This will enable BurstNET® to compete directly with major US colocation facilities, offering similar bandwidth options/pricing to major metros,
all whilst operating in the less expensive Scranton PA region...and passing those savings on to our clientele.
BurstNET® clientele will have access to all the major NYC carriers for example, including peering exchanges like NYIIX,
all over BurstNET's® own transport system at nil to minimal cost. 10G lit transport circuits will also be active to New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

BurstNET® has seen significant growth in its hosting business, bringing the company to nearly 40,000 dedicated and virtual private servers currently in service worldwide.
Founded in 1991, BurstNET® is one of the oldest web hosting operations in the industry.
The company is known as a pioneer of the Web Hosting industry, having been heavily involved in the creation of the industry standard CPanel® control panel (http://www.cpanel.net),
and co-creator of the industry's first $99 dedicated server.
The company operates one of the oldest and largest resale programs in the industry, servicing thousands of resellers, as the backend for many popular hosting companies.


US Website: http://www.burst.net (http://www.burst.net/colocatephp?c=69&kw=colocation)

EU/UK Website: http://www.burstnet.eu (http://www.burstnet.eu/colocate.shtml?c=69&kw=colocation)


ROCK SOLID NETWORK (http://www.burst.net/network.php?c=69&kw=network)!!! - The BURSTNET® network is Cisco-based, and has exceeded uptime/performance expectations for years now! - DETAILS (http://www.burst.net/network.php?c=69&kw=network)

Multi-Homed BGP Routed Bandwidth: PCCW™/BTN™, XO™, Cogent™, BandCon™/Highwinds™, & Private Peering - AS21788 (http://www.fixedorbit.com/AS/21/AS21788.htm) / AS51377 (http://www.fixedorbit.com/AS/21/AS51377.htm)
Hyperspin Network Report: 99.9%+ Uptime! (http://www.hyperspin.com/publicreport/57207/7765)

POPULAR! BURSTNET® Resale Program! US (http://www.burst.net/resale.php?c=69&kw=resale) - EU/UK (http://www.burstnet.eu/resale.php?c=69&kw=resale) - Resell the entire BurstNET® product line!

NEW! BURSTNET® Affiliate Program! US (http://www.burst.net/affiliate.php?c=69&kw=affiliate) - EU/UK (http://www.burstnet.eu/affiliate.php?c=69&kw=affiliate) - Recurring revenue commission payouts!


BurstNET® Co-Location services are a perfect solution for large corporations, system administration savvy individuals, and reseller/presence providers.
Hosting services on a shared server are sometimes not enough to allow you the kind of control, configuration, power, and accessibility that you require.
You may have the knowledge to administrate and maintain your own servers...so why pay a hosting firm to do it for you?
When such is the case, you need to consider BurstNET® Co-Location services.
You can fully control hardware, software, and backups, changing anything as you deem fit.
For a lower price than installing and maintaining a network at your own location, at BurstNET® you can Co-locate your servers and save a bundle!

You may ship BurstNET® your equipment, and we will plug it into our high-speed network.
BurstNET® will monitor your equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
Your basic contract with BurstNET® does not include system administration, but such is available at a hourly rate as needed,
in case something arises which you may not be able to handle yourself.
BurstNET® makes available all of our Control Panel software offerings to our Co-Location clientele at a reasonable price.

PRODUCT DETAILS: US (http://www.burst.net/colocate.php?c=69&kw=colo) - EU/UK (http://www.burstnet.eu/colocate.php?c=69&kw=colo)

Space: ONE (1) SERVER (1U Rackspace)
Bandwidth: 5000GB/MONTH, IP Addresses: 5 (IPv4) + IPv6, Power: 0.4A 240V (EU/UK) / 1A 110V (US), Reboots: FREE

QUARTER RACK CO-LOCATION - $49.95/£49.95 SETUP - $199.95/£199.95 PER MONTH
Space: Quarter Rack (10U Rackspace)
Bandwidth: 10MBPS, IP Addresses: /28 (IPv4) + IPv6, Power: 2A 240V (EU/UK) / 5A 110V (US), Reboots: FREE

HALF RACK CO-LOCATION - $99.95/£99.95 SETUP - $299.95/£299.95 PER MONTH
Space: Half Rack (21U Rackspace)
Bandwidth: 10MBPS, IP Addresses: /27 (IPv4) + IPv6, Power: 4A 240V (EU/UK) / 10A 110V (US), Reboots: FREE

FULL: RACK CO-LOCATION - $199.95/£199.95 SETUP - $549.95/£499.95 PER MONTH
Space: Full Rack (42U Rackspace)
Bandwidth: 10MBPS, IP Addresses: /26 (IPv4) + IPv6, Power: 8A 240V (EU/UK) / 20A 110V (US), Reboots: FREE

CHOOSE YOUR RACKSPACE, BANDWIDTH, AND MORE: US DETAILS (https://service.burst.net/cart.php?gid=6&c=110&kw=colo) - UK/EU DETAILS (https://service.burstnet.eu/cart.php?gid=6&c=110&kw=colo)

Co-Location Additional Features
Description Setup Fee Monthly Fee Requirements / Notes
1000MBPS/1GBPS Port Upgrade (Uplink) FREE £20.00 -------
IP Address Block (/28) FREE $5.00/£3.95 (13 USEABLE IPS)
Firewall Security Service FREE $49.95/£39.95 -------
Fully Managed Service FREE $49.95/£39.95 Per Server
Remote Reboot Port FREE $9.95/£7.95 Per Server
Remote KVM FREE $39.95/£29.95 Per Server
1AMP 240v Additional Power FREE £60.00 -------
1AMP 110v Additional Power FREE $15.00 -------
Extra Bandwidth - 2GB FREE $0.25/£0.25 OVERAGE RATE
O/S Installation $25.00/£19.95 Due to client request/fault/requirements.
Server Reboots FREE NO CHARGE -------
System Administration / Tech Support FREE $65/£65 PER HOUR (15 min increments)

If you are interested in these offers, or have some questions, please email us directly at: sales@burst.net - sales@burstnet.eu