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01-26-2008, 11:06 AM
Nixism Web Hosting
where clients matter

Every so often a miracle happens. Lucky for you, Nixism loves to do what we do.

We hope your New Year resolution, is to find a better web hosting provider. We at Nixism Web Hosting (http://www.nixism.com), cherish our clients and we give them the customer support they deserve.

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Coupon Codes:
Get 50% off the life of your plan (recurring): WELCOME2008 (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?promocode=WELCOME2008) [expires: 01/31/2008]
Get 80% off your first bill (any billing cycle): GOODBYE2007 (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?promocode=GOODBYE2007) [expires: 01/31/2008]

If you signed up today, this is what you will be paying for your first month:


Shared Packages (http://www.nixism.com/shared/)
Beginner Plan: (http://www.nixism.com/shared/beginner) $3.99 to $1.99 or $0.79 | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=1)
Personal Plan: (http://www.nixism.com/shared/personal) $6.99 to $2.99 or $1.39 | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=2)
Business Plan: (http://www.nixism.com/shared/business) $10.99 to $4.99 or $2.19 | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=3)

Web Master Packages (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/webmaster-plans/)
Bronze: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/webmaster-plans/) $4.99 to $2.50 or $0.99 | order (http://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=49)
Silver: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/webmaster-plans/) $7.99 to $3.99 or $1.59 | order (http://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=50)
Gold: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/webmaster-plans/) $11.99 to $5.99 or $2.39 | order (http://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=51)

Reseller Packages (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/)
Enterprise: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/enterprise) $13.99 to $6.99 or $2.79 | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=6)
Executive: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/executive) $23.99 to $11.99 or $4.79 | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=7)
Corporate: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/corporate) $31.99 to $15.99 or $6.39 | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=5)

Remember: that these coupon apply to any billing cycle, so you can use it for monthly, quarterly, or yearly purchases!