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05-13-2013, 05:21 PM
Flexibility. Security. Connectivity. Redundancy. Meet your colocation needs wherever you are. Half and Full cabs are available now in our East Coast Data Center in Ashburn, VA!

Fully locking half cabinet (21u)- $499

50 Mbps blended bandwidth*
1x dedicated 30Amp 120v Primary Circuit
1 Cross Connect
Tripp Lite RS-1215-20T PDU
Give us a call @ 1-877-PHX-COLO (749-2656) or visit http://www.phoenixnap.com/ (http://www.phoenixnap.com)

Whether you’re looking for added redundancy between our Phoenix and Ashburn locations, or are in need of an East Coast colocation site, our Ashburn data center offers a multitude of options to accommodate almost any request.

Here are just some of the features our customers enjoy at the Ashburn data center:

Locking ¼*, ½ and full cabinets
Private racks with side panels; top and bottom panels for ¼ and ½ cabinets
Dedicated power circuits with available 2N redundancy
Private cable management
Extra security available

Get more details here (http://www.phoenixnap.com/popups/cabinets.htm)

Contact us (http://www.phoenixnap.com/company/contact-us/colocation-sales.php) to configure your solution today, including locking quarter/half cabinets!. Looking for additional options? Call us today @ 1-877-PHX-COLO (749-2656) and we’ll find a solution to fit your needs.

Fully locking quarter cabinet bundle! (10u)- $299
20 Mbps blended bandwidth*
1x dedicated 20Amp 120v Primary Circuit
1 Cross Connect
Tripp Lite RS-1215-20T PDU
Starting at $299.00/mo.
Give us a call @ 1-877-PHX-COLO (749-2656) or visit http://www.phoenixnap.com/ (http://www.phoenixnap.com)

Phoenix NAP on the East Coast?

That’s right. Operated by leading provider Latisys, our Ashburn data center is a carrier neutral facility with more than 17 carrier options along with redundant power and cooling and raised floor space, specifically enhanced for high-density colocation deployments.

Phoenix NAP's flexible and secure high density solutions are designed to meet whatever space and power needs are required through more than 21 network carriers, our meet-me-room and high-level security standards.

Complimentary services include:
• Power cycling equipment
• Equipment consoling (Serial or local monitor)
• Remote eyes (Visual feedback of equipment)
• Equipment cabling (Moving or securing existing cables)
• Complimentary reboots Included


Q. What does system + system mean?
A. System + System means each rack can be fed by two completely redundant and diverse power feeds and redundant and diverse power systems.

Q. Where can you see what kind of redundancy is built into the facility?
A. Check out our website for electrical and mechanical one lines (http://www.phoenixnap.com/popups/pnap_powerMap.htm).

Q. What kind of security does your facility have?
A. The entire facility is protected by our in house staff of ex-police and military security specialists. After checking into the lobby that has bullet resistant windows and Kevlar backed walls, customers will pass through multiple security checkpoints including a 5-point security mantrap.

Q. Can I visit the facility?
A. Of course! Drop us a line and we will set up a time to give you a tour!

Q. Do I get access to the facility when I purchase colocation space?
A. Yes! You will receive a keycard and be added to our iris and vascular scanners (as required by rack location), free of charge.

Interested in leasing or leasing-to-own servers? Phoenix NAP’s newest offering, Hardware-as-a-Service® (HaaS) allows businesses to lease servers, routers and switches with instant approval and no upfront fees, credit checks or minimum deposits. Learn more (http://www.phoenixnap.com/colocation/products/hardware-as-a-service.php) today!

Please contact us to get more information:
* Email: sales@phoenixnap.com
* Sales: 1.877.PHX.COLO (749.2656)
* http://phoenixnap.com/sales-contact.php (http://phoenixnap.com/company/contact-us/colocation-sales.php)

Need Dedicated Servers too? Phoenix NAP offers Dual Cores from $58/mo. (http://www.securedservers.com/index.php?utm_source=Webhostingtalk&utm_medium=WHT%2BFree%2BAds&utm_term=Free%2BAds&utm_content=Dedicated%2BServers%2B&utm_campaign=WHT%2BFree%2BDedi%2B)

Looking for Cloud Services? Phoenix NAP Secured Cloud (http://www.phoenixnap.com/secured-cloud/) start as low as 2.5₵/hr.

*Minimum 1 year contract, maximum 3 year contract (10% increase per year). Setup Fee for ¼ cab is $299. Bandwidth
overages are charged at $10.00/Mb, /29IP included, IPJ required for additional IPs charged at $1/month per each,
plus IPJ. Redundant power available upon request in Phoenix and is required in Ashburn.

Any listed specials are available in the Phoenix data center location with new clients only.