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01-01-2005, 09:43 PM
CZ-Hosting.com is a low priced hosting company and with direct support.
Just upgraded the website which is now nearly finished at www.cz-hosting.com which shows you the packages and the AUP.

Here are a list of the packages which CZ-Hosting.com offers:

Hard Disk Storage 200 MB
Monthly Bandwidth 20,000 MB (20GIG)
Monthly Rate $5.00

Hard Disk Storage 400 MB
Monthly Bandwidth 40,000 MB (40GIG)
Monthly Rate $10.00

Hard Disk Storage 600 MB
Monthly Bandwidth 80,000MB (80GIG)
Monthly Rate $20.00

Hard Disk Storage 800 MB
Monthly Bandwidth 120,000MB (120GIG)
Monthly Rate $30.00

Hard Disk Storage 1000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth 160,000MB (160GIG)
Monthly Rate $40.00

With any of these packages you also get :

Latest CPanel for easy site administration!
Parked Domains = Unlimited !
Addon Domains = Unlimited !
MySQL Databases = Unlimited !
Email Accounts = Unlimited !

Demo of the cpanel so you can see what features you get with you're account is here:
User: demo
Pass: demo

All payments for packages is done through paypal, so theres no automatic date each month where money is taken out you're account. All accounts are setup within 24hours after payment.

If you have any questions about the service or what to enquire about a custom hosting package then please e-mail me:- sales@cz-hosting.com

Also if you want to test the service out, if you e-mail me with the request then I'll set you up a trial 2 day account (limited trial bandwidth) and then if you're satisfied with the service then we can set up a per month payment account.

Direct support is offered as well, when customers start paying for a service, with the login details in the e-mail, it will also have my ICQ,MSN,AIM & Yahoo! contact details for conversation support with the hosting.

Any questions at all just mail sales@cz-hosting.com.


07-20-2006, 07:20 AM
Too good to be true by my opinion