View Full Version : HC Servers Sale!!! 1 FREE Month, No Set-Up Fee

04-08-2008, 07:16 AM
HC Servers (http://hcservers.net) offers huge discounts on Managed and Dedicated servers hosted in US and Europe. Our advanced manged solutions now come with:
1 FREE month
Waive Set-up fee
Doubled RAM

Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz
3 x 320 GB SATA Hard Drives
1 FREE service month
3Ware redundant array (RAID 5) Mirroring between Hard Drives
8 GB RAM (doubled from 4 GB)
1000 GB Monthly Transfer
5 Free IP Addresses, $1 each after
Remote Reboot
100 Meg Full Duplex Ethernet, BGP Redundant Network
only $399 per month (Waived Set-Up Fee)

Quad-Core Intel Xeon - Managed or Dedicated
1 FREE month
80GB SATA Hard Drive
1000 GB Monthly Transfer
4 GB RAM (doubled from 2 GB)
Waived Set-Up / $245 per month (Dedicated)
Waived Set-Up / $389 per month (Managed)

To check our other managed and dedicated hosting solutions or to customize your own server please visit Host Color Servers (http://hcservers.net) or Contact Us (http://www.hostcolorservers.com/contact.php).