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04-08-2008, 01:40 PM
At Secureservertech we offer a unique quality product that budget hosts do not. Our servers are built for speed, stability and security offering the best possible enviorment for all types of web sites. We utilize Litespeed webserver which is twice as fast as apache or any other http server, optimal php5/mysql5, extensive security measures and much more. Seeing is believing and with us your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Check out our testimonials (http://secureservertech.com/contact.html) to see all of our happy clients.

Our Services

Cpanel Shared Hosting (http://secureservertech.com/cpanel.html) - Fully featured cpanel including fantastico and installatron scripts installers, generous account features, and much more. Hosting built for performance and stability.

High Risk Ddos Protected Hosting (http://secureservertech.com/hrh.html.html) - If you are having problems with ddos, having problems finding a host that wont kick you after attack or just need protection for piece of mind we have what you are looking for at the most affordable prices in the industry. Covering all types of attacks, issues are usually resolved within the first 7 days.

Directadmin/Offshore Hosting (http://secureservertech.com/offshore.html) - We offer some of the fastest offshore hosting available, you will be suprised at the network speeds. Lenient terms and more freedom of speech and content as compared to US and other EU hosts.

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