View Full Version : DomainTools files complint over 10 Domain Names

05-27-2013, 06:39 AM
DomainTools has filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum,asserting legal rights over 10 DomainTools-related domain names.

The 10 disputed domain names are : doaintools.com, doimaintools.com, domailtools.com, domaintoolls.com, domaintoos.com, domainttols.com, domaiontools.com, domaitools.com, domanitools.com, domsintools.com.

DomainTools should expect the National Arbitration Forum order the domain name to be transferred,considering the company owns the "DomainTools" mark .

The National Arbitration Forum will examine if the domain names are confusingly similar to the trademarked name.Moreover,it will examine if the owner of the disputed domain names has rights over it and if the domains are being used in bad faith.The domain names will be passed over to DomainTools if it falls under all three of these stipulations.

The case is still pending compliance checks with the National Arbitration Forum .