View Full Version : Porn.com Acquires Porn.xxx Domain From ICM Registry

05-27-2013, 06:47 AM
ICM Registry,the company behind .XXX domain,announced today that they have sold Porn.XXX domain name to one of the most recognized companies in the online adult content industry, PimpRoll.

You can read the press release after the jump :

" ICM Registry, the registry operator for the .XXX top level domain (TLD) for online adult entertainment, announced today that they have struck a deal with one of the most recognized companies in the online adult content industry, PimpRoll, for the coveted Porn.xxx domain.

PimpRoll, the entertainment giant with significant, high profile presence in the .com adult content industry, following their reported $9.5 million dollar acquisition of Porn.com a few years ago is now creating a .XXX destination that marries PimpRoll’s high quality content and safe payment options with the ever growing world of the .XXX community.

PimpRoll plans to roll out Porn.xxx as a full tube site with the same high-quality content that has helped it become a leader in the .com adult entertainment arena. The decision to launch Porn.xxx puts PimpRoll among a growing list of content providers that are helping grow the Internet’s hottest top-level domain.

“PimpRoll is a company that has always made bold moves to better our brands and improve the user experience for our audience” said Phil Bradbury, Vice President of PimpRoll. “The .XXX domain market has been a controversial one in the eyes of some, but as responsible business owners we have done our own due diligence and believe there is value in expanding our presence with the launch of Porn.xxx for the benefit of adult entertainment consumers and our marketing partners as well.”

Adult industry attorney Corey D. Silverstein whose office represents PimpRoll was equally pleased with this deal. “This deal is a perfect example of how two companies can collectively engage in a transaction that makes them both stronger, in the present and in the future.” Silverstein said. “Both companies have demonstrated a tremendous amount of foresight and entrepreneurship in completing this transaction.”

“Porn.xxx is an important and influential domain within the adult industry and our friends at PimpRoll recognize the power it can bring to develop a content-rich site on this new domain. As the operators of Porn.com, they have exemplified best practices within the online adult content industry and were the obvious best fit for Porn.xxx.” said Steve Winyard, Vice President of ICM Registry.

PimpRoll’s decision to participate in the .XXX TLD comes shortly after ICANN announced their upcoming rollout of a slew of new generic TLDs. By securing Porn.xxx now PimpRoll will also automatically qualify for Porn.sex, Porn.porn and Porn.adult under ICM’s ““Grandfathering Program” should ICM be successful in gaining those new TLDs from ICANN.

Porn.xxx will now be searchable through ICM Registry’s adult content only search engine, Search.xxx. Search.xxx offers a clean user interface and intuitive keyword searches. Search.xxx, which uses the same technology as usual mainstream search engines but is for adult content only, allows you to set your language preference and your sexual orientation preference, as well as to control the “look and feel” of your style preference.

More on PimpRoll

Since 2001 PimpRoll has made its mark in the world of adult entertainment by continually developing innovative products while simultaneously demonstrating the highest ethical standards. The company continues to operate hundreds of lucrative pay sites, an industry leading affiliate marketing program and several other key products in a fully integrated empire of digital traffic monetization.

Recently PimpRoll released the game-changing HostedTube.com affiliate tool allowing tens of thousands of new tube sites to be built by affiliates over the course of only a few months. Later the company announced the creation of TrafficForce.com, a state of the art source for premium traffic, free of any of the difficulties associated with third-party digital property brokerage. Content producers have also benefited greatly from the work done by PimpRoll with the launch of PaidPerView.com, a system that allows publishers to display their own content across a wide range of networked PimpRoll sites in return for direct payments on a per video view basis along with additional indirect monetization via traffic leads sent from advertising displayed on the site video pages. Now PimpRoll is continuing their long history of successful evolution by taking over the Porn.XXX web address as well.