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05-28-2013, 08:12 PM
Get started with cloud computing today; Phoenix NAP Secured Cloud makes it easy. Our on-demand service comes with $50 in free usage and prices start at only 2.5₵ per hour after that. Just about $18 / month gets you cloud hosting solutions that are among the best in the market. High-performance, easy-to-configure and no gimmicks. Order today! (http://www.phoenixnap.com/secured-cloud/about-our-cloud/pricing.php)

More reasons to buy Phoenix NAP Secured Cloud

Secure your entire cloud infrastructure for around $7 per month with firewalls! Easy-to-use. Customizable. Activated with just a few clicks. One firewall; one flat fee – it’s just that simple. Discover how (http://www.phoenixnap.com/secured-cloud/about-our-cloud/firewalls.php).

Easily migrate your infrastructure to the cloud with Phoenix Nap Cloud Import and Export solution! Quickly move applications and OS templates. Import multiple file types. Migrate images between nodes through our easy-to-use portal or API. Learn more: (http://www.phoenixnap.com/secured-cloud/about-our-cloud/import_export.php).

Get started today:
* Email: cloudsales@phoenixnap.com
* Sales: 1.855.330.1508
* http://phoenixnap.com/company/contact-us/
* Create an account now! (https://admin.phoenixnap.com/wap-jpost3/scSignup?execution=e1s1)

Let Phoenix NAP Secured Cloud do the heavy IT infrastructure lifting for you! Intuitively scale your environment as demands change with Network Storage; starting at just $0.12 GB/mo. Learn more; http://www.phoenixnap.com/secured-cloud/about-our-cloud/network_storage.php

Set up your account today and instantly provision VMs . Remember you don’t pay if you don’t use the account!

Get started today and experience our multi-location cloud solution that efficiently manages your global traffic and users!

Want to self-provision? Get started now: https://admin.phoenixnap.com/wap-jpost3/scSignup?execution=e1s1

As a premier VMware service provider, Phoenix NAP Secured Cloud (http://phoenixnap.com/secured-cloud/about-our-cloud) helps you maximize resource utilization, enhance security and increase flexibility all within our easy-to-use web portal. Now, you have the power to actively manage your online infrastructure and the business you conduct online based on your user’s needs.

Provision your public cloud today and get $50 in free cloud usage! Start saving money today: https://admin.phoenixnap.com/wap-jpost3/scSignup?execution=e1s1

With Phoenix NAP’s Secured Cloud, you can:

Provision customized cloud virtual machines on-demand.
Easily configure and horizontally scale servers to address traffic spikes.
Scale RAM allotment as you need it.
Load Balance (http://phoenixnap.com/secured-cloud/infrastructure/application-delivery.php) your VMs and physical hardware with F5 Networks' technologies.
Intuitively scale your environment as demands change with Network Storage; starting at $0.12 GB/mo..
Turn your services on and off instantly to meet changing demands.
Manage everything through our custom-developed user interface (http://phoenixnap.com/secured-cloud/about-our-cloud/user-interface.php).
Convert IT CapEx to OpEx; pay only for what you use.
Easily deploy a virtual firewall for an added layer of security.
Use APIs to efficiently integrate applications into the cloud.
And more…

-----------------Still on VPSs? – The time to switch is NOW! ---------------------

What is the Difference between Cloud and VPS?

In the event that a single server fails, the VM will be loaded up on another working node automatically – this is not always the case with VPS.
Because servers can be moved within the cluster automatically, if one node gets overloaded, the load will get spread to other nodes with no downtime. This insures customers always have access to their full resource usage.
A number of VPS providers max out the 4 disks in a 1u box using raid 5 or 10 – Using an enterprise storage product like NetAPP lets us split load across 100s of disks DRASTICALLY increasing hard drive performance. VPS providers charge you by the month – we charge by the hour – if you do not need the VM anymore, delete it and you will not be charged. In fact – if you power the VM down, we do not bill you for the cpu/ram usage!

Pricing Examples (remember – we bill hourly!):

1VCPU/.5GB of Ram/16GB of Storage - ~ $20/month
2VCPU/2GB of Ram/16GB of Storage - ~ $50/month

Contact us for more details:
* Email: cloudsales@phoenixnap.com
* Sales: 1.855.330.1508
* http://phoenixnap.com/company/contact-us/


Grow your business by offering your customers a cloud solution that fits their needs. We have one of the BEST reseller programs in the industry. Contact us now (http://www.phoenixnap.com/partners/) for more information on our fully-white labeled cloud offerings.
We integrate to ubersmith for easy deployment!

More Information – Click here! (http://phoenixnap.com/partners/channel-partners/)