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05-04-2008, 06:15 PM
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Happy Mothers Day!

Nixism knows how important your Mom's are. In order to show our appreciation we will be throwing out massive amounts of coupon. You will be able to save money, and spend the rest on your mom.

Nixism will like to celebrate Mothers Day, with a 50% off coupon. This is a very special coupon, because it can be used on any plan, any billing cycle, and it is also recurring.

Sign up today and receive 50% off any plan, any billing cycle, and any plan including custom ones.. This coupon is recurring, so you will be paying 50% for the life of your account!

Coupon Code: MOTHERSDAY (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?promocode=MOTHERSDAY)


Shared Packages (http://www.nixism.com/shared/)
Beginner Plan: (http://www.nixism.com/shared/beginner) 1 GB DiskSpace & 20 GB Bandwidth [$3.99 to $1.99] | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=1)
Personal Plan: (http://www.nixism.com/shared/personal) 5 GB DiskSpace & 45 GB Bandwidth [$6.99 to $3.50] | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=2)
Business Plan: (http://www.nixism.com/shared/business) 10 GB DiskSpace & 95 GB Bandwidth [$10.99 to $5.50] | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=3)
Make Your Own Shared Plan | Start Building (http://www.nixism.com/shared/make-your-own/)

Reseller Packages (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/)
Enterprise: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/enterprise) 5 GB DiskSpace & 125 GB Bandwidth [$13.99 to $6.99] | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=6)
Executive: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/executive) 10 GB DiskSpace & 175 GB Bandwidth [$23.99 to $11.99] | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=7)
Corporate: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/corporate) 15 GB DiskSpace & 225 GB Bandwidth [$31.99 to $15.99] | order (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=5)
Make Your Own Reseller Plan | Start Building (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/make-your-own/)

Web Master Packages (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/webmaster-plans/)
Bronze: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/webmaster-plans/) 1 GB DiskSpace & 25 GB Bandwidth [$4.99 to $2.50] | order (http://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=49)
Silver: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/webmaster-plans/) 5 GB DiskSpace & 50 GB Bandwidth [$7.99 to $3.99] | order (http://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=50)
Gold: (http://www.nixism.com/resellers/webmaster-plans/) 10 GB DiskSpace & 100 GB Bandwidth [$11.99 to $5.99] | order (http://secure.nixism.com/order.php?step=2&pid=51)

Remember: This coupon applies to any billing cycle, so you can use it for monthly, quarterly, or yearly! You can even use it for custom packages! This coupon is recurring so you will be paying 50% for the life of your account.

Coupon Code: MOTHERSDAY (https://secure.nixism.com/order.php?promocode=MOTHERSDAY) gets you 50% off any of the above plans!

Nixism a web host you can trust!

This offer expires on the 31st of May.