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05-21-2008, 03:28 AM
So your Outlook Inbox is a mess. You have 150 pieces of unread messages from six months ago that are still not hidden away in folders. And you know you received an invitation to a meeting, but you don't remember when you received it. Good news: It's easy to find it. You can sort and then sort again.
1. Click the Icon column heading in your Inbox. This organizes everything by type of e-mail responses, invitations, and so on, each of which appear with a different icon in your Inbox.
2. Highlight all of the messages that belong to the type you are looking for in this case, meeting invitations.
3. Click the Received column heading in the Inbox to sort again, this time by date. The items you highlighted remain highlighted, and you can spot the invitation you are looking for easily.
You can sort on any of the column headings in your Inbox. Each sort will become more refined as you select items.

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