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06-10-2013, 05:18 PM
Avoid large up-front capital expenses, complicated manufacturer warranties, and lengthy delivery timelines with Phoenix NAP’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS)!

What’s HaaS?

Hardware-as-a-Service enables businesses and entrepreneurs to lease or lease-to-own servers and other types of IT infrastructure equipment credit checks, minimum deposits or up-front payments.*

Cost Effective. Put your resources to growing your business not your IT infrastructure.
Zero Maintenance. We handle the upkeep for you.
Quality Hardware. We use only the most reliable hardware available.
Customer Service. Available 24/7/365 at no additional cost to you.

Whether you are new to leveraging technology for your business or are a seasoned professional, Phoenix NAP’s HaaS solution can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

No credit checks, no minimum deposits! Included warranty on all hardware for as long as the lease is running. Learn more (http://www.phoenixnap.com/colocation/products/hardware-as-a-service.php/?utm_source=WHT&utm_medium=FREE&utm_term=HaaS&utm_content=colocation&utm_campaign=03292013) today!

Get started today:

* Email: sales@phoenixnap.com
* Sales: 1.877.PHX.COLO (749.2656)
* http://phoenixnap.com/sales-contact.php (http://phoenixnap.com/company/contact-us/colocation-sales.php)

HaaS bundle ¼ Rack Starter Example


10U Locking Cabinet
20 Amps Dedicated N+1 Power

Network Connectivity

20mbits of premium blended bandwidth
24x1 Gbit and 2x10 Gbit Layer
2/3 Enterprise Network Switch
8x Quad Core Xeon 3430 Servers
16GB of RAM per server
250GB HDD per server
$775 per month**

Just give us a call @ 1-877-PHX-COLO (749-2656) or visit http://www.phoenixnap.com/colocation/products/hardware-as-a-service.php/ (http://www.phoenixnap.com/colocation/products/hardware-as-a-service.php/?utm_source=WHT&utm_medium=FREE&utm_term=HaaS&utm_content=colocation&utm_campaign=03292013)

Available HaaS Solutions:

• Servers
• HDD’s
• Raid Cards
• Racks
• PDU’s
• Cable Managers
• Network Switches***


Scalable: Modular options for rapid growth
Affordable: No heavy capital investment, no credit checks
Flexible: Lease terms as short as three months, as long as three years
Timely: Most solutions get deployed within 48 hours
Reliable: Any malfunctioning hardware replaced within four hours of verification
Simple: With our price list and nonnegotiable pricing, you build your own quote

Rack and stack services are included in HaaS leases of two years or greater, and can be purchased for $50 on leases of one year or less

Get started today:

* Email: sales@phoenixnap.com
* Sales: 1.877.PHX.COLO (749.2656)
*http://phoenixnap.com/sales-contact.php (http://phoenixnap.com/company/contact-us/colocation-sales.php)

*Hardware-as-a-Service solutions must include a colocation environment at the Phoenix NAP data center. Any party interested in HaaS that is not a current colocation client would incur costs associated with procuring a colocated hosting option.

**Pricing based on 3 year lease

***Lease-to-own options do not apply to network switches.