View Full Version : HostTheBest Releases HTB WebBrowser Branded Tools 1.1

07-15-2008, 07:19 PM
As promised, Host The Best released its HTB Web Browser 1.1 today. The very popular 4-Star HTB software as rated by download3000.com. The first ten people to ordered will receive it for just $79.99. What a deal! The regular price is $129.99 per license.

You can download the branded software here (http://www.download3000.com/download_50555.html) to read all about, review its functionalities and features. Then you can download a sample of HTB branded version at here (http://www.htbsoftware.com/download/HTBWebBrowser.zip)

We have two (2) options:

First Options: Branded HTB Web Browser Tools 1.0 for $129.99 click here (https://client.hostthebest.net/order.php?step=2&pid=73)

I have developed a branding tool that you can use to brand HTB Web Browser with your company logo, website URL, e-mail address, and more. It is self-installable and with clear instructions. You'll be able to choose the look of the program from a selection of high-quality skins.

You are allowed to create as many HTB Web Browsers as you want and sell them or give them away. You can also offer the branding service on any website that is not dedicated to auctions.

Second Options: Branded HTB Web Browser $49.99 Click here (https://client.hostthebest.net/order.php?step=2&pid=74)

We will brand your company logo, website URL and e-mail, plus all the information to brand with your information. You can offer this feature to your clients so they can use your own Browser.

You can click here (http://www.htbsoftware.com/download/HTBWebBrowser.zip) to see our HTB browser.

To get this discount, you must use this discount code, browser, when you order. If you do not use this discount code when you order you will NOT get the discounts off. Please remember to use the discount when you order.

We continue to develop and improve the HTB Web Browser Tools based on your feedback. Just drop by our forums to see the active community we have and the responsiveness to our users’ requests and suggestions.

Chat with us through live support, or send in a ticket, or if you would like more information, go to www.htbforums.com.

There you will find all your questions answered.