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02-13-2004, 09:59 AM
Harvey Web Hosting Solutions (http://www.harveyhosting.com/) is currently having the following web hosting (http://www.harveyhosting.com/web_hosting_services.php), reseller hosting (http://www.harveyhosting.com/web_hosting_resellers.php) and ecommerce hosting (http://www.harveyhosting.com/ecommerce_hosting_solutions.php) specials:

25 - 50% off reseller accounts, 25% off ecommerce hosting solutions; $7.49 for 1000 MB storage space, 50 GB bandwidth web hosting.

Web hosting services: (http://www.harveyhosting.com/web_hosting_services.php)

Basic web hosting services (http://www.harveyhosting.com/web_hosting_services_basic.php)
1000 MB storage space
50 GB bandwidth
$7.49 per month

Personal Plus web hosting services (http://www.harveyhosting.com/web_hosting_services_personal.php)
300 MB storage
15 GB bandwidth
$4.16 per month

Ecommerce hosting solutions (http://www.harveyhosting.com/ecommerce_hosting_solutions.php) - ecommerce hosting plans include a free copy of miva merchant shopping cart, static ip address and all the features included in our Web Hosting Plans. (http://www.harveyhosting.com/web_hosting_services.php)

Basic ecommerce hosting (http://www.harveyhosting.com/ecommerce_hosting_solutions_basic.php) - 25% discount applies to both the monthly and setup fees.
600MB storage space
25GB bandwidth

All Web hosting reseller (http://www.harveyhosting.com/web_hosting_resellers.php) plans up to 50% off!

Starter Reseller Hosting
1000MB storage space
15GB bandwidth
$9.97 per month

Basic Reseller Hosting
2000MB storage space
30GB bandwidth
$14.97 per month

Other services/features include:

Urchin Web Statistics (free with this offer)

Free web hosting for Charities and Non-Profit organizations. (http://www.harveyhosting.com/charity_non_profit_web_hosting_services.php)
Web design services (http://www.harveyhosting.com/web_design_services.php)
Internet Marketing (http://www.harveyhosting.com/internet_marketing.php)

99.9% Uptime Guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Support via phone, email and web site

Please contact us at: Sales@HarveyHosting.com (sales@harveyhosting.com) with any questions.