View Full Version : New, High Speed Game Hosting Server......! HOT

02-12-2005, 06:23 PM
Hello People,

I just want to inform You that www.servfast.net is offering game hosting for any type of games, they are expanding on there business so they are doing great deals for the opening of there new expantion...........

It will depend on what Type games you choose. Server specs rang from dual intel xeon to dual amd opterons 242 with 1-3gigs of ram
100mbps connection on all servers, customer recieves serverdoc to start stop there game server and also 1 ftp account with 2 gigs of space for there mods and extra admin for there games.

If anyone wants game hosting, just contect this person online or send mail to nasrosb@hotmail.com

You can also contect him on live tech support at his site www.servfast.net