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02-22-2005, 03:03 PM
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Our pre-configured adult web site packages include:

*** Basic - $5,95:
Disk storage (http://www.Adult4web.com): 1000 MB
Monthly transfer: 20 GB
MySQL Databases: 10
E-mail accounts: 10

*** Business - $8,95:
Disk storage: (http://www.Adult4web.com) 2000 MB
Monthly transfer: 30 GB
MySQL Databases: 20
E-mail accounts: 50

*** Professional - $11,95:
Disk storage: (http://www.Adult4web.com) 3000 MB
Monthly transfer: 40 GB
MySQL Databases: 30
E-mail accounts: 100

*** Advanced - $14,95:
Disk storage: (http://www.Adult4web.com) 5000 MB
Monthly transfer: 50 GB
MySQL Databases: 50
E-mail accounts: 200

+ All web hosting (http://www.Adult4web.com) packages include SSH access (http://www.Adult4web.com), Ensim control panel (http://www.Adult4web.com), PHP (http://www.Adult4web.com) and Perl/CGI (http://www.Adult4web.com) Script Capabilities and many other useful features for your professional adult site!

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