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07-30-2013, 11:08 AM
KVCHosting.com is a center that endeavors to make high-end technology available by providing cheap and affordable quality web hosting packages. KVC Hosting specializes in web hosting services of various categories, and since 2008 have been named as one of the fastest growing web hosting companies for quality-driven, technology enriched and affordable web hosting developers. We have more than 100,000 domains from across the globe that trust our services and have partnered with us for years. Our data center is located in Oklahoma City, OK (US), with head offices in Edmond, OK (US).

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CLASS "A" / Tier 1 Hosting
100 Mbps Network
Gigabit Uplink
U.S.A & Europe IPs
Multiple C Class IP Hosting
Cheap SEO Hosting Per C-Class IP
SEO Friendly Hosting
Large Selection C-Class SEO HOSTING
2 x Xeon Quad Core L5410 Server
24GB ECC Fully Buffer Ram
Fast SAS Hard Drive with 64MB Cache
Best SEO Hosting in the industry
Share C-Class or Dedicated C-Class
No Overload with KVCSHIELD Protection

10 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.75/ C
Space 10 GB
Free Back Links 10 Links
$27 / Month
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20 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.70/ C
Space 20 GB
Free Back Links 20 Links
$54 / Month
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30 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.65/ C
Space 30 GB
Free Back Links 30 Links
$79 / Month
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40 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.60/ C
Space 40 GB
Free Back Links 40 Links
$94 / Month
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50 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.55/ C
Space 50 GB
Free Back Links 50 Links
$115 / Month
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60 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.50/ C
Space 60 GB
Free Back Links 60 Links
$135 / Month
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70 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.45/ C
Space 70 GB
Free Back Links 70 Links
$154 / Month
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80 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.40/ C
Space 80 GB
Free Back Links 80 Links
$172 / Month
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90 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.35/ C
Space 90 GB
Free Back Links 90 Links
$189 / Month
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100 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.30/ C
Space 200 GB
Free Back Links 100 Links
$230 / Month
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125 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.25/ C
Space 250 GB
Free Back Links 150 Links
$281 / Month
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150 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.20/ C
Space 300 GB
Free Back Links 200 Links
$330 / Month
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175 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.15/ C
Space 350 GB
Free Back Links 250 Links
$376 / Month
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200 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.10/ C
Space 400 GB
Free Back Links 300 Links
$420 / Month
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225 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $2.00/ C
Space 450 GB
Free Back Links 350 Links
$450 / Month
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250 C-Classes
Per C-Class - $1.85/ C
Space 500 GB
Free Back Links 500 Links
$462 / Month
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