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10-23-2013, 08:49 AM
Dear sir/madam,

All servers on our website are lowered with 10,00 per month! We call it the Special Server Week. For example:

Intel Core i3 2100
500GB S-ATA3 7200RPM
50TB Traffic

Price/month: 29,00 ex. 21% VAT.
No setup costs!

(Payment every 6 months)
(Payment every 3 months = 4,20 per month extra)
(Payment every month = 8,40 per month extra)

Have a look at www.worldstream.nl NOW!


Remote reboot 2,50 per month
Remote reboot + KVM 20,00 per month
DirectAdmin Lifetime licence inclusive installation 69,00 once or 10,00 per month
cPanel licence inclusive installation 29,00 per month
Windows 2008 Standard R2 SPLA Licence: 13,76 per month
Windows 2008 Enterprise R2 SPLA Licence: 17,76 per month
Windows 2012 Standard SPLA Licence: 13,76 per month
Windows 2012 Datacenter SPLA Licence: 17,76 per month


Extra TB : 8,00 / TB

50+ TB : Please contact us, we will make a special price.


There isn't one!
You don't have a contract at WorldStream. Servers which are rented for one month, will be extended with one month automatically. Server which are rented for 3 or 6 months, will be extended with 3 months.

It's still possible to sign a contract if you want. If you would like a contract, just send an e-mail to sales@worldstream.nl

Network and Datacenter

The servers of WorldStream are located in one of the most green ecological datacenters in the world; Greenhouse Datacenters in The Netherlands which is equipped in accordance to the TIER3 specifications:

24/7 security with biometric access
Redundant power setup
Redundant airconditioning setup
Redundant network setup

Our suites are connected with dozens 10-gigabits fiber optic connections to ensure all of our clients will have the best interconnectivity.

AS-Number WorldStream: AS49981

Why choose WorldStream?

Top of the line support
No long term contracts
Real-time bandwith statistics in our control panel
Real-time rDNS changable in our control panel
Automatic reinstallations of your server with 30+ operating systems
Remote reboot function
Datatraffic monitor. Keep control of your bandwidth by receiving an e-mail or SMS when you reach a certain level
Monitor ports with e-mail or SMS messages configureable in our control panel
Block/unblock or set the speed of your uplink(s)
Block/unblock IP's by your own
Professional team of experienced technical server engineers
We use a brand new suite in one of the most ecological datacenters in the world; Greenhouse Datacenters
(room temp. always below 24C (75.2F))
We only use A-brand hardware
Activation of server within one workingday after receiving your payment (PayPal or bank)


Our servers are installed with Linux/FreeBSD/Windows by default with the latest kernel/updates included. Please ask us for a custom installation.
The server will be activated within one business day after we received your payment.

It's also possible to get your server installed with other Operation Systems on request.


We guarantee a 99,9% online policy. Maintenance with e-mail notification excluded. A compensation will be made if we don't satisfy this policy.


wget -O /dev/null

Please respond in this topic or at sales [at] worldstream.nl for further questions.


WorldStream Internet Solutions
NAALDWIJK, the Netherlands
Phone : 0031 174 712 117
E-mail : sales [at] worldstream.nl
Site: http://www.worldstream.nl/