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12-17-2013, 12:56 PM
Skytri Web Solutions is a web hosting provider that was formed in 2008 and located in India, Patna. Founded by chief executive officer Neeraj Singh, we are motivated to provide reliable service, dependable support, leading technology and value for money. Skytri Web Solutions strives to be known as one of the most reliable names in the web hosting industry. We are earning this reputation by putting the customer first, always. We pride ourselves in pursuing total quality and delivering on our promises.

Your websites are hosted directly from our high speed Dedicated servers connected to the Internet through multiple carrier network. We take availability seriously. Our support engineers can be reached 24x7 through multiple channels. We’ll always be there to answer your queries and walk you through problems you might face. And backstage, our extremely talented team works hard around the clock to ensure that you have a truly positive web hosting experience. We operate on a highly reliable infrastructure managed by one of the most talented teams of experts in the industry.

Skytri Web Solutions invites you to experience its web hosting service. As web hosting Patna company we provide Linux and Windows hosting on reliable, fast, dedicated servers with a near 99.9% uptime guarantee and network uptime. We also provide domain name registration, shared and reseller plans.

Our servers are kept up to date with latest PHP, MySQL, Perl, FTP & other server softwares and all have 16 GB of ram and run a quad core processors (virtually 8 cores). All servers also come with an unmetered connection to allow continuous transfer of data so that your website will always be accessible. Our datacenter location is Michigan, US.

In addition, all of our hosting packages come with cPanel/WHM, Softaculous/Fantastico and Plesk.

We Offer:
1. Linux Shared Hosting (http://www.skytriwebsolutions.com/linux_shared_hosting.html) - As Low As $13.00 Per Year
2. Linux Reseller Hosting (http://www.skytriwebsolutions.com/linux_reseller_hosting.html) - As Low As $42.00 Per Year
3. Linux Master Reseller Hosting (http://www.skytriwebsolutions.com/linux_master_reseller_hosting.html) - As Low As $77.00 Per Year
4. Linux Virtual Private Server (http://www.skytriwebsolutions.com/linux_virtual_private_servers.html) - As Low As $35.00 Per Month
5. Windows Shared Hosting (http://www.skytriwebsolutions.com/windows_shared_hosting.html) - As Low As $22.00 Per Year
6. Windows Reseller Hosting (http://www.skytriwebsolutions.com/windows_reseller_hosting.html) - As Low As $77.00 Per Year
7. Windows Mater Reseller Hosting (http://www.skytriwebsolutions.com/windows_master_reseller_hosting.html) - As Low As $88.00 Per Year
6. Cheap Domain Name Registration and Transfer (http://www.hostmost.in) - $8.80 Per Year

For More Information Visit: www.skytriwebsolutions.com (http://www.skytriwebsolutions.com)

1. Unlimited Disk Space
2. Unlimited Bandwidth
3. Host Unlimited Domain
4. Unlimited All Other Features [Email, MySQL, FTP, Subdomain]
5. Private Name Server
6. cPanel/WHM Control Panel
7. Softaculous/Fantastico
8. Plesk
9. PHP5, MySQL5, Perl5, CGI-BIN
10. 99.99% Real Uptime Guarantee
11. 24x7 Live Support (Live Chat)
Other Tons of Features

Our Server Configuration:
Processor Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-920
Total Cores: 8
Speed: 2.67 GHz
Cache Size: 8 MB
RAM: 16 GB
Port Uplink: 1 gbps
Data Center: www.liquidweb.com

Live Support, Instant Messenger [Skype, GTalk] Support, Support Ticket System, Email Support, Phone Support

Our Website: www.skytriwebsolutions.com (http://www.skytriwebsolutions.com)
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