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Jason P
12-26-2013, 08:05 AM
It is time to sing Christmas carol! The most holy Christmas day has come to embrace the whole the world including UK, and USA. Many online shoppers are ready to shop online with their credit and debit card and many online organizations are flooded with discount offers.

SSL2BUY here wish to draw attention about online security for online organizations and therefore, brings an amazing AlphaSSL wildcard with 50% discount. With AlphaSSL wildcard, you can get dual benefit as under.

Strong encryption for ongoing financial transactions
Secure single domain and get free protection for unlimited sub domains

To avail 50% off on AlphaSSL wildcard, use the below coupon code-

Coupon Code: MERRYXMAS
Offer Price: $35/yr
Base Price: $70/yr
Till Date: 10th Jan 2014

Other Advantages:
When online shoppers will visit your website, they will find SSL security on your website to protect their financial information from online theft. This will boost their perception about you and you can establish credibility of website in front of them. Besides this, you will get the following advantages.

Security for unlimited sub domains
A single cost solution, no need to pay for each sub domain
Most authenticated brand solution
No need to worry about multiple certificate management
Encryption according to industry standard like 2048-bit root encryption
256-bit encryption

So what are you waiting for? Just grab this sensational offer and show your customers that how much you pay attention to their financial security?

Check out your potential savings with above deal, and grab Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate from ssl2buy.com/alphassl-wildcard.php