View Full Version : Cipollino.VPS. anonymous ssd powered vps nodes from $30/mo. EU or US.

03-09-2014, 06:15 AM

Buy anonymously- simple and without any personal info, no credit cards or Paypal accounts.
Use anonymously- no real e-mail address is required.
prolong anonymously- we accept only Bitcoins at all times.


$30/mo -=> 1cpu 1024mb 20Gb 1ipv4
$60/mo -=> 2cpu 2048mb 50Gb 1ipv4
$110/mo -=> 1cpu 4096mb 240Gb 1pv4
$155/mo -=> 4cpu 8192mb 120Gb 2ipv4
$220/mo -=> 2cpu 10240mb 300Gb 2ipv4

--> all running on SSD

Please use Tor browser to access our website http://a6t4ohuaiufojnx7.onion/

VPS servers to fulfill any requirements, custom configuration when requested by Customer. Ticketing system instead of e-mailing. Only Bitcoins are excepted.
7% of all payments are donated to http://www.fightforthefuture.org/