View Full Version : 6 Seriously Fast Dedicated Servers for Cheap - 12 Cores, 48GB, 1.2 TB SSD - $450 /m

03-13-2014, 05:28 PM
Hi all -

Our hosting company has just upgraded a private virtualization solution for one of our customers and as a result we have 6 really powerful servers available to be repurposed starting on 3/24.

These servers are available for only $450 per month each. $50 is charged at signup but will be applied to your first months bill.

Server stats

Dual 6-Core @ 2.26 (12 Total Cores)
1x 120GB SSD
2x 500GB SSD
2x 1TB HDD
50 TB Bandwidth

Details (https://www.verticalswitch.com/ssd-dedicated-offer/)

All of our servers are fully managed and we own the hardware. We are not reselling another offering.

These servers were previously used to host a KVM virtualization solution similar to digital ocean. We upgraded each of the chassis for that client to support more processors. Each machine (as above) is capable of running upto 100 virtual machines per chassis under normal usage and recommended over subscription.

Order Now! (https://www.verticalswitch.com/ssd-dedicated-offer/)

If you have further questions please feel free to PM me or our support department support@verticalswitch.com