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12-30-2008, 07:03 PM
All Servers Include
+ Xeon Processors
+ KVM over IP (on a DEDICATED network)
+ Remote Reboot
+ 2000 GB Bandwidth
+ 10 mbit port
+ Public Network
+ Private Network
+ KVM Network
+ UN-Managed Servers
+ 24/7 Ticket Support
+ Free Ping and HTTP monitoring
+ 99.5% Network Uptime
+ Enterprise RedHat Linux 4/5 and Windows 2003/2008

Special Server

Xeon X3220 2.4Ghz QuadCore
4GB DDR2 Memory
2x250GB SATA Hard Drive

ORDER NOW!!! (https://secure.honelive.com/order/order.php?prodid=X3220S)


\+\ 100 mbit port public/private $10/mo
\+\ IPs - $0.75/IP/mo (minimum /29 blocks)
\+\ 10mbps Unmetered - $150/mo
\+\ Fully Managed Server - $99/mo

Operating Systems:

^+^ RedHat Enterprise 4 32/64 bit $0/mo
^+^ RedHat Enterprise 5 32/64 bit $0/mo

^+^ Windows 2003 Web 32 bit $0/mo
^+^ Windows 2008 Web 32/64 bit $0/mo

^+^ Windows 2003 Standard 32/64 bit $10/mo
^+^ Windows 2008 Standard 32/64 bit $30/mo

^+^ Windows 2008 Enterprise 32/64 bit $40/mo
^+^ Windows 2008 Datacenter 32/64 bit $50/mo

Control Panel:

=+= cPanel - $20/mo
=+= LiteSpeed - $20/mo
=+= LiteSpeed & cPanel - $35/mo
=+= DirectAdmin - $15/mo


|+| 250GB HDD - $15/mo
|+| 500GB HDD - $25/mo
|+| 750GB HDD - $35/mo
|+| 1000GB HDD - $45/mo

|+| 1GB DDR2 - $20/mo
|+| 1GB FB-DIMM - $20/mo

|+| Hardware RAID (0, 1, 5, 10) $50/mo
|+| RAID BBU (Battery Backup Unit) $20/mo


HoneLive Enterprise Solutions for Small Businesses

Here are 10 reasons why HoneLive takes Enterprise Hosting to the next level.

1) We use Intel Xeon Processors, period. After many years of trial and error, we concluded a solution is worthy of being called Enterprise when only Xeon processors are used. For hardware RAID, we use Adaptec cards exclusively with an optional BBU for additional data security.

2) We use Supermicro chassis and motherboards, exclusively. This helps us scale between various configurations with relative ease and without any complications which means faster troubleshooting, resolution and upgrades for you. We also custom build all our servers from the ground up, thus being in total control from top to bottom with no surprises.

3) All servers come with KVM over IP at ZERO additional cost. Not only itís free, but we put the entire KVM on a DEDICATED network (see reason #4). If you configured your firewall or your interface incorrectly, messed up a kernel upgrade and had kernel panic, shut off SSH server or you want to see the last error on screen before your server froze, there's no need to panic. You can access your server via KVM over IP and fix the issue no matter what state the server is in.

4) Most mediocre hosts provide you with one network, public. A handful these days take a stab at Public and Private Networks and try their best to make it work and charge a premium for the "private network". At HoneLive you donít need to pay for private network, in fact, the server is configured and ready to work with public and private network seamlessly. But at HoneLive we took it to the next level, and we are not aware of anyone who has. We provide you with 3 separate dedicated networks; Public, Private and KVM over IP. Unlike some hosts who run KVM over the onboard LAN, we created a dedicated network with dedicated KVM ports on ALL servers provisioned. So even if the Public network is completely down, you are still able to access your server with ease.

5) The server can be rebooted in two ways; via IPMI and via APC remote reboot. We recommend the use of IPMI to safely reboot servers, especially ones running MySQL databases. But as a last resort, we can use APC to reboot the server, which is as good as physically pulling the plug on the server. At the moment we are working on a system to give you a method to use the APC remote reboot via web. Currently you have full access to the IPMI reboot method.

6) We monitor the performance of the server everything from CPU Temp, Voltages, Fan status and speed among other various different stats which help to find the cause of issues and troubleshoot faster.

7) We provide you options to choose from Enterprise operating systems; RedHat Enterprise Linux 4/5 and Windows 2003/2008 Web, Standard, Enterprise (2008) and Datacenter (2008) Editions. We are currently working with Novell to add Suse Enterprise Linux to our list.

8) Our network is 100% Cisco and 100% redundant. We use Cisco's HSRP feature to achieve this redundancy. We are also provisioned with 2 dedicated circuits from our providers. Our network providers include Level(3), Sprint, Global Crossing, XO, AboveNet, Tiscali + Peering over a BGP mesh. To achieve further redundancy, our core switches are connected to 2 different power circuits connected to 2 different UPS units which are in turn backed by diesel generators. There is virtually no SPOF (Single Point of Failure) on our side of the infrastructure.

9) We own and control 100% of our infrastructure which includes routers, switches, servers, PDU's among other equipment. We do not lease or rent any of our dedicated servers 1000's of miles away overseas. We do not depend on any 3rd party to manage or troubleshoot our equipment. We have staff 24/7 on-site to troubleshoot and tend to issues.

10) We provide two types of support services, Unmanaged and Fully Managed. We'll either completely take care of it or we will give you the complete control over your servers to take care of it yourself. One important difference between the two is you are not given root access to the Fully Managed package, if you choose order it.


Disclaimers Etc.

- We are UN-managed dedicated server providers. Our job is to make sure the server has power, the hardware is working properly, and last but not least network connectivity. We do not provide support for any kind of software or upgrade issues. We provide KVM over IP in case you configure anything incorrectly and lock yourself out.

- Please note that we do not allow any kind of mass unsolicited emails or mailing lists, even if the mailing lists are legitimate. If you plan on running any kind of mailing lists please do not sign up for ANY of our services.

- We do not allow, but not limited to, IRC, Adult hosting, Warez, Phishing and the like. Please note this is a short list and its at HoneLive's discretion final decisions are taken.

- You are more than welcome to resell our servers but please note that you need to make sure you client follows our rules but all the billing and support must be taken care of by you.

Any questions? Please email info@honelive.com