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05-08-2014, 02:03 PM
AntiDDoS.es Protected Hosting (http://antiddos.es) has two datacenters which are located in Barcelona, Spain with main Data Center situated in Zurich, Switzerland and in Moscow, Russia. We provide a wide rage of cloud hosting products and services offering Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting with DDoS protection, Colocation, DDoS protection and BitSync Protected Servers, introducing innovative protection solutions such as Free DDoS Protection with All Hosting Products available. AntiDDoS.es DDoS Protected Hosting (http://antiddos.es)'s goal is to provide the highest quality customer oriented services with experienced team of experts in DDoS Protected Server technologies.

Guaranteed DDoS Protection or money back! Dedicated and Cloud Servers include Free DDoS Protection.

AntiDDoS.es (http://antiddos.es) guarantee your server will be protected from all kinds of DDoS attacks via TCP and UDP protocols. Our included DDoS Mitigation is capable to provide protection from DDoS attacks up to 10 Gbit or 4 million packets per second. NTP DDoS Protection. (http://antiddos.es)

But if your project is being or could be DDoS'ed hardly we would like to offer you full-spectre of custom professional anti DDoS instruments with DDoS Protection from 200Gbps!