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05-14-2014, 05:06 PM
VPS6.NET - www.vps6.net

Chicago VPS (http://vps6.net/network/chicago-vps-hosting.php) | Atlanta VPS (http://vps6.net/network/atlanta-vps-hosting.php) | New York VPS (http://vps6.net/network/new-york-vps-hosting.php) | Los Angeles VPS (http://vps6.net/network/los-angeles-vps-hosting.php) | Germany VPS (http://vps6.net/network/germany-vps-hosting.php) | Romania VPS (http://vps6.net/network/romania-offshore-vps-hosting.php)

VPS6.NET offers affordable, high quality Linux & Windows VPS hosting (http://vps6.net/) designed for top performance, total reliability, and unlimited customizability. Our host servers are designed to ensure top performance for your applications, with Dual Xeon E5-2640 CPUs, 96GB DDR3 RAM, and RAID10 15k SAS Disks. We understand that uptime and reliability are critical to your success, and we guarantee:

+ 99.99% Network Availability
+ 100% Hardware Availability
+ 1hr Action on All Support Requests

Features standard with every VPS:

+ SolusVM VPS Panel
+ 24/7/365 Support via Tickets & Live Chat
+ RAID10 Redundant + Fast Storage
+ Full root / Administrator access
+ 99.99% Service Level Agreement SLA
+ 1Gbps Shared Uplink
+ Choice of Linux or Windows OS Distribution
+ DNS & RDNS Management Panel

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Linux VPS Hosting (http://vps6.net/xen/linux-vps-hosting.php) from $11.65/mo (with MYNEWVPS6-2014 promo) - Instant Setup!

Xen VPS (http://vps6.net/xen/) can be deployed on our VPS6 Supernodes in less than five minutes.

XEN-128 \\ 20GB RAID10 Disk \\ 128MB DDR3 RAM \\ 500GB Bandwidth \\ 1Gbps Port -- $54.95 /6-mo. -- Linux VPS (http://vps6.net/xen/linux-vps-hosting.php)

XEN-256 \\ 30GB RAID10 Disk \\ 256MB DDR3 RAM \\ 1TB Bandwidth \\ 1Gbps Port -- $12.95/mo -- Linux VPS (http://vps6.net/xen/linux-vps-hosting.php)
XEN-512 \\ 40GB RAID10 Disk \\ 512MB DDR3 RAM \\ 2TB Bandwidth \\ 1Gbps Port -- $18.95/mo -- Linux VPS (http://vps6.net/xen/linux-vps-hosting.php)
XEN-1024 \\ 50GB RAID10 Disk \\ 1GB DDR3 RAM \\ 3TB Bandwidth \\ 1Gbps Port -- $29.95/mo -- Linux VPS (http://vps6.net/xen/linux-vps-hosting.php)

Custom Xen VPS \\ Your choice of resources! \\ From $10.48/mo -- Configure Now!

Also see our cheap VPS hosting (http://vps6.net/openvz/cheap-vps-hosting.php) specials!

What makes us stand out from the rest?

SUPERIOR Hardware.
- Our host servers are optimized for the absolute best network and disk i/o.
- 1Gbps network uplink is included with every VPS.
- RAID10 15k SAS Disks provides enhanced data security, and fastest possible i/o speeds.

GUARANTEED Reliability.
- 99.99% Network Availability Guaranteed.
- 100% Hardware Availability Guaranteed.

- Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta, USA.
- Frankfurt, Germany and Bucharest, Romania.


Windows Server 2008 R2 Web / Standard / Enterprise / Datacenter
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise

CentOS 6, CentOS 5
Debian 6, Debian 5
Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 10.04
Fedora 17, Fedora 16, Fedora 15
OpenSUSE 11.4, OpenSUSE 11.3
Gentoo 2012
Arch Linux 2012.01
Slackware 14.0
Scientific 6, Scientific 5
AltLinux 5.1

+ Many more...


Chicago VPS Hosting (http://vps6.net/network/chicago-vps-hosting.php): Test IP
Atlanta VPS Hosting (http://vps6.net/network/atlanta-vps-hosting.php): Test IP
New York VPS Hosting (http://vps6.net/network/new-york-vps-hosting.php): Test IP
Los Angeles VPS Hosting (http://vps6.net/network/los-angeles-vps-hosting.php): Test IP
Frankfurt VPS Hosting (http://vps6.net/network/germany-vps-hosting.php): Test IP
Romania VPS Hosting (http://vps6.net/network/romania-offshore-vps-hosting.php): Test IP

For more information, email sales [@] vps6.net or find us on live chat at www.vps6.net. We look forward to serving you!