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05-15-2014, 02:47 PM
Servikus is an innovative web solutions company designed for solely one purpose, and that is providing you with all of the web based services you will ever need to run successful online business. We have years of experience in both using and providing web based services, which made us capable of perfecting all of our offered services.

There are many things differentiating us from other companies providing web services, so bear with us and we will explain everything in a couple of sentences.

All of our servers are using pure SSD (Solid State Drive) technology. All of our servers have SSDs in RAID 10. Because of high price coming with SSDs even some of the companies that stand as best in business DO NOT offer pure SSD, let alone SSDs in RAID. And we can't even stress how important SSDs are regarding speed. With Servikus you will experience speed boost which will leave you stunned.

We are using Nginx, which will make sure your website loads extremely fast. You will never have to worry about search engines penalizing your website due to its long loading time. And we also kept Apache in the backhand, leaving .htaccess at your disposal, so you can still use friendly URLs like you used to. Simply our servers are powered with the very best from both Apache and Nginx.

We are using r1soft, and we are storing daily backups of your whole website on a different server. We must emphasize that our backups are stored on a different server. With Servikus your security will never be compromised.

We are also offering select PHP option. That means you can select version of PHP that suits your needs best. And that is not all! You can further customize your PHP. You can choose and install any PHP modules you want.
We have created the best environment for web developers. Now you can finally devote your time to your projects and stop worrying about web hosting.

Among many other things, each of our shared hosting packages comes with: R1Soft Continuous Data Protection, Softaculous One-Click script installation, cPanel, Customize PHP option, 30 Days Money Back guarantee, Account isolation and 24/7 professional customer support.

What varies between our shared hosting packages is: pure SSD Disk Space, Monthly Bandwidth, number of Addon domains and Resource Usage (CPU, RAM, processes, connections etc.)

Starter Package, starting from $3.96 /mo (servikus.com/hosting)
-Pure SSD Disk Space 10 GB
-Bandwidth 100 GB
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Business Package, starting from $6.96 /mo (servikus.com/hosting)
-Pure SSD Disk Space Unlimited
-Bandwidth Unlimited
-Addon domains Unlimited
Order Now (servikus.com/hosting)

Ultimate Package, starting from $19.96 /mo (servikus.com/hosting)
-Pure SSD Disk Space Unlimited
-Bandwidth Unlimited
-Addon domains Unlimited
-Dedicated IP address Yes
-Resources (CPU, RAM, processes, connections etc.) Maximum Resources
Order Now (servikus.com/hosting)

We are constantly improving and perfecting our offered services and we are following all the latest technology regarding web solutions. We invite you try our services and make sure for yourself. We can guarantee that you will be more then pleased.

Quick FAQ:

Q: Do you offer free migration?
A: Absolutely! We will migrate all of your accounts for free from your previous hosting provider if server is using cPanel/WHM. Even if your website is hosted on non cPanel/WHM based server, contact us and we will do our best to migrate it for free.
Your accounts will be migrated quick and painless with absolute minimum downtime, you won't even feel it.

Q: Where are your servers located?
A: All of our servers are located in New York, USA. Geographical location of servers is very important. Servers located in USA will have good connectivity even with Europe, server latency will be extremely low.

Q: Is your support team fast at answering support tickets?
A: All of technical related support tickets are usually answered in 10 minutes or less.

Q: Are you offering some kind of refund, money back policy?
A: Yes, we are offering 30 days money back guarantee. If you change your mind in a time period of 30 days we will give all of your money back to you.