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02-24-2009, 11:18 PM
At Secureservertech we offer some of the most affordable and effective ddos protected hosting on the net. Our plans are much more affordable then proxying services which cost thousands and offer no real guarantees. Our services are affordable by nearly any webmaster in need and we DO offer guarantees.

Our protection is very effective to the point where there is no noticeable performance decrease during the most heaviest of attacks. IN the business for 3 years now our attack mitigation techniques are among the best. With extensive network and server level protections we have a nearly flawless success rate in solving ddos issues for our clients.

* High grade hardware with raid0 arrays for super fast disk read
* Nightly server backups to remote servers insures your data is safe, secure and available in the event of hardware failure or other account emergencies.
* Litespeed web server standard on all servers
* Fully featured cpanel control panel with Installatron and Fantastico scripts installers
* 24/7 on call emergency suupport
* Prompt and personal support system. Issues resolved quickly with friendly and helpful staff
* Rock solid allocations, No overselling - Get what you pay for. No unreasonable resource restrictions.
* We never suspend first and ask questions later, we always contact our clients first if a problem arises.
* Money back guarantee
* In the event your attack breeches your protection levels we allow significant burst protection. In the event an upgrade is required we will present you with verifiable attack reports, stats and usages.
* Many more great features and reasons you will be happy with our hosting, just contact if you have any specific questions.

Check out our Ddos Protected Plans HERE (http://secureservertech.com/hrh.html)
If you require a consultation or have any questions please feel free to contact us (http://secureservertech.com/contact.html). Accounts setup within 1-6 hours, emergency setups are available.

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