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07-18-2014, 07:25 AM
At iClickAndHost (http://www.iclickandhost.com) we are commited to deliver maximum quality at the lowest possible price.

We are not the average shared host or just another web hosting provider.

We have a solid team of experienced in-house developers, engineers and support staff aiming to provide innovative, flexible and reliable platform to our web hosting customers. We spend a lot of time on improvement projects and research and development activities.

Each of our web hosting plans (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/) is backed up by our iClickAndHost 99.9% availability guarantee (http://iclickandhost.com/blog/our-99-9-percent-availability-guarantee/) and a 30-day money-back guarantees!
Our help line is standing by 24/7 and we have a maximum 1 hour ticket response time guarantee! Our average response time is less than 15 minutes.

With us you can buy USA Web Hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/us-website-hosting/) out of our USA data center (http://iclickandhost.com/data-centers/data-center-in-us/), Australia Web Hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/au-website-hosting/) out of our Australia Data Center (http://iclickandhost.com/data-centers/au-data-center/) and UK Web Hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/uk-website-hosting/) out of our UK data center (http://iclickandhost.com/data-centers/data-center-in-uk/)!

Each of our hosting customers enjoys the advantages of our own user-friendly and custom built iClickAndHost Hepsia Control Panel (http://iclickandhost.com/the-hepsia-hosting-control-panel/) which is available in multiple languages. It is jam packed with features, like easy domain and website management interface, file manager, ftp manager, e-mail manager, web accelerator manager, daily dropbox backup utility and so much more!
Be our guest and play around with our Hepsia Control Panel Demo (http://demo.iclickandhost.com/?auto_login=true). We are very proud of it and we guarantee you will love it!

iClickAndHost is an expert in WordPress hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/wordpress-web-hosting/) , Drupal Hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/drupal-web-hosting/), Joomla Hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/joomla-web-hosting/) and eCommerce web hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/ecommerce-hosting/).

We have developed an unique cloud platform (http://iclickandhost.com/blog/cloud-custom-built-web-hosting-platform-hepsia-explained/) from the ground up. Our private cloud intelligently distributes the load between the servers, thus allowing for maximum speed of executing the requests with minimum server load. Most of the shared hosting providers' web hosting solutions run several simultaneously performed services, which "steal" from the server's resources and thus produce high server load and low server speed, which leads to the quick amortization of the hardware and adds to the poor performance of the user's websites. As of now, 99.95% of the hosting companies are running one-server hosting platforms. Unlike them and instead of having one single server running 7-8 services simultaneously, we are running one service at a time per one or more servers. As a result of the balanced distribution of the server load, amazing server performance boost is achieved and our average server load is 30-60%

Here is a list of some of our unique features:

Global Data Center Locations (http://iclickandhost.com/data-centers/) - with us you can host your web sites in top-class facilities in USA (http://iclickandhost.com/data-centers/data-center-in-us/), UK (http://iclickandhost.com/data-centers/data-center-in-uk/) or Australia (http://iclickandhost.com/data-centers/au-data-center/).
Innovative Custom Control Panel - Our custom built Hepsia Control Panel is packed with features and is very easy to use. Click to view a live demo. (http://iclickandhost.com/the-hepsia-hosting-control-panel/)
1-Click Web Site Installer (http://iclickandhost.com/the-hepsia-hosting-control-panel/application-installer/): Get your new website (http://iclickandhost.com/wordpress-web-hosting/), blog (http://iclickandhost.com/wordpress-web-hosting/%22), forum (http://iclickandhost.com/phpbb-web-hosting/), or e-store (http://iclickandhost.com/ecommerce-hosting/) installed and online with just a click!
Free web site builder tools (http://demo.iclickandhost.com/installer/wizard/?auto-login=true) - Choose from a set of ready-made websites and get it installed on your account with the click of a button! eCommerce specialists (http://iclickandhost.com/ecommerce-hosting/) - Build and host your online store with us!
Web Accelerators and Advanced Tools (http://iclickandhost.com/the-hepsia-hosting-control-panel/advanced-features/) - InnoDB, Varnish, Node.js and Memcached available to add from your Control Panel (http://iclickandhost.com/the-hepsia-hosting-control-panel/).
PHP Version chooser and php config tool - Select the PHP version for your account and customize the php configuration script.
High security and protection for your website with our advanced ModSecurity apache plugin. Anti-hack and DDOS protection. Worst comes worst - we will help you recover your hacked site! We will even help you with your hacked website (http://iclickandhost.com/blog/deal-hacked-web-site-covered/).
Free daily backup on all your websites to our servers.
FREE daily website backups to your personal Dropbox account!
High server availability (http://iclickandhost.com/blog/our-99-9-percent-availability-guarantee/) we give you the piece of mind - never worry about downtime!
Remote MySQL (http://iclickandhost.com/blog/remote-mysql-access-now-available-hosting-plans/) for all web hosting packages
Free VPN (http://iclickandhost.com/blog/free-vpn-service-web-hosting-clients/) for all of our web hosting clients!
Binary File Storage for all your personal or work related files, now you can purchase additional space for online file hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/blog/personal-file-storage-now-available-upgradeable-option/).
Domain Backorders (http://iclickandhost.com/blog/introducing-domain-backorders/) - Our innovative Domain Backordering tool will help you snatch that domain name you always wanted as soon as it is available!

You can try our services RISK FREE with our 30-day-money back guarantee!

Now for a limited time every new web hosting customer gets to register a brand new domain name or transfer to his Hepsia Control Panel (http://iclickandhost.com/the-hepsia-hosting-control-panel/) an existing domain for free!
That's right - with your new web hosting plan (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/), you get a free domain registration!

Our Terms Of Service : iClickAndHost Terms of Service (http://iclickandhost.com/terms-and-conditions/web-hosting-terms-of-service/).

Our shared hosting plans are:

| Starter
| Unlimited Traffic
| Unlimited Storage
| 100 Mailboxes
| Optional Mailing Lists
| FREE Domain name!
| 1 website hosted
| 24/7 live support
| FREE Daily Dropbox backup
| Price: $3.99/mo
| Buy Web Hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/)

| Business
| Unlimited Traffic
| Unlimited Storage
| 500 Mailboxes
| 15 Maiing Lists
| FREE Domain name!
| 5 websites hosted
| 24/7 live support
| FREE Daily Dropbox backup
| Price: $5.55/mo
| Buy Web Hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/)

| Unlimited
| Unlimited Traffic
| Unlimited Storage
| Unlimited Mailboxes
| Unlimited Mailing Lists
| FREE Domain name!
| Unlimited websites hosted
| 24/7 live support
| FREE Daily Dropbox backup
| Price: $9.99/mo
| Buy Web Hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/)

Any additional questions? PM here, use our Contact iClickAndHost form (iclickandhost.com/contact-us/) or head over to our live chat at iClickAndHost.com (http://iclickandhost.com/)!

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