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08-06-2014, 11:20 AM
Having copy content in our own website would be consider as spam by Google algorithm.But Posting copy content in classified websites will be consider as spam or not?

08-07-2014, 01:29 AM
Your content should be unique and even if you post copied content to other sites it could not be considered as spam.

08-08-2014, 04:46 AM
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08-08-2014, 07:02 AM
Google has said over a long period of time, copy substance issues are infrequently a punishment. It is all the more about Google knowing which page they ought to rank and which page they ought not. Google would like to demonstrate the same substance to searchers for the same question; they do like to broaden the results to their searchers.

08-08-2014, 09:38 AM
Using copy content on the site is not good for the site. it's a blackhat seo according to google search engine.

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08-09-2014, 02:51 AM
From the very beginning time copying content from the other sites are consider in black HAT technique. I only know about the website but for classified i don't know more...

08-15-2014, 04:36 AM
Well, Copied content is really worst feature and it's really bad for the site existence. So never use copied or low quality content on your website or in other resources. Always use unique, fresh and informative content on your website and other submission sources.

09-01-2014, 04:38 AM
Unique content is very important for your own recognition. Otherwise your content has no value if it will be copied.

09-01-2014, 05:01 AM
You have to copy content since when you start your SEO campaign. Because not just Google but there are some other search engines consider copy content as a spam. So we have to avoid it as much as we can....:)

09-01-2014, 05:44 AM
Posting or using copy content in classified, article and anywhere would be consider as spam according to Google's penguin algo.
better to use fresh or write same post and then you can use it anywhere.

09-01-2014, 07:09 AM
Search engines focus on the content that must be unique quality content otherwise it will be considered as duplicate or spam.