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09-27-2014, 06:34 AM
All about website content stolen
Fresh, unique content is the most valuable part of any website. Creating a unique text takes a lot of time and exquisite talent. Hence it is all the more essential to protect such contents from being stolen by unauthorized hackers. It is no surprise that plagiarism of this type of information happens all over cyber space; because of this, it is necessary to know the ways and means to avoid the theft of created material.

Why Protect Content
There are two important reasons why website content should be protected: it is copyrighted and it could create duplicate postings.

Copyrighted Material - Any written article created is copyrighted to the published author. This means that no one else can post/print the contents of the article without obtaining the consent from the copyright holder otherwise it is construed as stealing.

Duplicate Content - For any author working hard to create great articles to help rank a website, theft of material can actually work against all such efforts. Not only does duplicated internet information make it harder for original pages to get recognition from Google, it has actually happened that stolen material placed on a competing website ranked higher than the original text. So every effort should be made for authors to maintain their rights as copyright holders and act accordingly when the theft of written content is discovered.

How to Protect Content
Every website should have a copyright notice in its footer stating that other than where noted (in the case of information used from creative commons and public domain), all content is the property of the website owner and that use of such text without permission is prohibited. It is recommended to add a similar statement at the end of every article, blog post and page so there is no mistaking whether or not there is an implied copyright. Authoring written material through Google Authorship can help ensure that readers know who created it as well as remove duplicate content penalties faced when material is stolen and re-posted elsewhere.

Dealing with Content Theft
When it has become evident that copyrighted material has been used by someone else, the question then remains as to what to do about it. Proof of the infringement via screen shots is needed as is proof of ownership of the content as well, which can be a little more difficult. Proof of copyright can usually be provided by having access to original media files, proof that copy or text was created specifically for a particular website, and index dates shown as prior to those of the website in question can support the case that theft has occurred.

Contact the infringing website and explain the situation; that may be enough to have duplicate stolen content removed as the offending publisher may not have known that the material belonged to someone else and may be completely willing to remove it. Should a problem develop including any reluctance to remove material, the offending website's hosting company should be contacted and advised of the issue, which usually gets results. A DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act - complaint can be filed as well if necessary.

Website ownership can be a tireless job
Challenges to handle, improvements to identify and implement, and quality content that needs to be posted - all this must happen for any internet presence to serve its purpose. So keeping track of the theft of written text is essential to be sure that published material is not wasted helping another website in what is a highly competitive digital environment!

Importance of website security testing:

• To avoid malwares installed
• To gain trust of your customers
• For the security of personal data
• To avoid SPAM mails
• To block redirection to black listed web links:

Better get the website security check done by the reputed online security providing companies than losing the privileged ranking on the search engine websites and the valuable visitors’ traffic. Once the ranking is lost and bad impression is created in the mind of the customer it could take several months to regain the original status back.

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When anyone stole our website content, i think site quality is down in Google eye.

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content if more important , Now you can re-write your content or get from other websites its called duplicate content , so write manually .