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09-30-2014, 07:11 AM
A store had this huge QR code poster at the doorway window that scan – “Like our Facebook Page for offers.” I scanned the QR code with my transportable and it redirected me to the store’s web site that wasn’t quite mobile-friendly. I spent around eight seconds on the web site however couldn’t find the Facebook Like button and left.

It was a lost chance for the complete because the QR Code didn't generate a further Like on the Facebook Page.

Encourage social policy with QR Codes

What the shop very desires could be a dedicated landing page that will give customers associate degree choice to quickly “Like” the Facebook Page while not confusing them with too several choices. Also, the planning of this page should be mobile friendly as there’s a 99.99% chance that customers would use a transportable to scan the QR code on the go.

Scan this QR Code for a sample.

If you'd prefer to build the same landing page that encourages users to love your Facebook Page and Follow you on Twitter, you'll begin with this easy model. The changes you wish to form include:

Line #83 – Replace website} name and computer address together with your official site.

Line #97 – Replace “example” together with your Facebook Page username.

Line #100 – Replace “example” together with your Twitter handle

Line #107-110 – Add your signal, email and a link to Google Maps.

Line #136 – Replace UA-XX together with your Google Analytics ID.

Save the file with a .html extension and transfer it to an online server. Generate a QR Code of that URL and paste the new image outside your store.

Social QR Code

We are exploitation Google Analytics on the Landing Page and thence we will simply confirm what percentage users have really scanned the QR code image. You’ll directly purpose the QR Code to your Facebook Page we tend toll then again we area unit losing a chance to trace the visitant and therefore the effectiveness of our social campaign.

One more issue. The mobile-friendly landing page is exploitation “tel” to link to the store’s signal and so your customers will click that link to directly decision you from their transportable.

And if all this sounds an excessive amount of work, you\'ll forever use net based mostly services like Scan.me or Linkify to form “social” landing pages then again you don’t have enough management on the planning and therefore the pages look a lot of like a poster of another complete.

09-30-2014, 07:39 AM
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