View Full Version : Register Qatar (.qa) domain names with iClickAndHost

10-14-2014, 03:58 PM
iClickAndHost continues to expand its services to customers targeting the Middle East markets.

After the introduction of the registration service for United Arab Emirates domain names (.ae) (http://iclickandhost.com/we-are-now-offering-registration-of-united-arab-emirates-ae-domain-names/) last month, now we are offering you to register Qatar domain names with us!

In addition to the Bulgaria data center (http://iclickandhost.com/data-centers/data-center-in-bg/) which is a perfect data center to host your middle east oriented sites, because it is directly connected to the Mediteranian cable route and the Eurasian internet backbone, going through Sofia and Istanbul, now you have the ability to register .ae and .qa domain names.

This makes iClickAndHost your reliable web hosting partner for your Middle East oriented websites !

Register .qa domain name (http://iclickandhost.com/cheap-domain-registration/) today with iClickAndHost and start doint business with Qatar. Take advantage of our turnkey eCommerce web hosting (http://iclickandhost.com/website-hosting/ecommerce-hosting/) solutions. Start your website and start selling! We offer online store installation with just 1 click.