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12-11-2014, 04:24 AM
Ever come across a service provider extending you REAL server hosting services?

Yes! That’s what we do for our customers at www.datasoft.ws

Datasoft believes in superior customer satisfaction by offering services that are REAL: Reliable, Efficient, Affordable and Lucrative and yet secure too!
Our server hosting offerings that range from private & public cloud servers to dedicated servers and are designed to extend our customers superior satisfaction by meeting their unique array of hosting needs.

Here is cursory glance of our offerings and they are for REAL

RELIABLE – Private Cloud Servers, Public Cloud Servers & Dedicated Servers
EFFICIENT – Choose from 4 core to 24 core servers with Control Panel Access & unmetered bandwidth for cloud servers AND IPKVM Access for Dedicated Servers.
AFFORDABLE – Monthly plans range from as less as $10/Month to $109/Month
LUCRATIVE – Cloud servers run on Latest RAIN Technology enabled SSD’s, Dedicated servers with up-gradable options for superior performance.

Range of hosting solutions - Rackspace, VOIP Server, Cpanel, Websites, with Value added Services and more......

*DDOS Protection – Distributed Denial of Service Protection
*Database and Full Server Back up
*Premium 24*7 Tech support

Do not hesitate to check on our latest plans and additions to the service line, Visit us at www.datasoft.ws and enjoy a FREE 5 Day trial ** on our servers.