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12-14-2014, 11:12 AM
It is raining $$$ís from cloud and dedicated servers with our unique December Reseller Promotional & special discounts program. Register now at http://datasoft.ws/register.php

For all our well-wishers, affiliates and resellers, we have announced INCREASE in the amount of bonus and discounts we provide for all levels of Resellers from Affiliate to Premium. Also, our customers with monthly billing above $500 will enjoy the special discounts equivalent to Reseller bonus*. An overview of the December Reseller Promotional & Special Discounts Program are given below;

Affiliate/Referral Reseller: Earn a fixed 7.5% for every referred sale of our services made through cross-linking the www.datasoft.ws website on your blog/social media pages/websites. Also earn a special bonus of $10 credit to your affiliate account.

Standard Reseller: Earn up to 20% of monthly Sales made with your own website and logo re-selling our offerings and services, we will set up this specially customized website exclusively for you. We have also increased the bonus rates extended for all the Sales slabs that begins from minimum sales of $500/month with 5% Reseller bonus. Bonus based on Monthly Sales
$500 - 5%
$1000 - 10%
$2000 - 12%
$4000 - 14%
$6000 - 16%
$8000 - 18%
$10000 - 20%

Premium Reseller: Set up your own website with just $500 to partially white-label our services and offerings as your own services and offerings. Gain better& direct access to your customers with custom invoices and set up your own network of Resellers to sell our services as your own.

Excited to learn more? Visit http://datasoft.ws/ds_ourreseller.php AND register at http://datasoft.ws/register.php to make Cloud servers RAIN $$$ for you.

With our excellent Customer service and support available online 24*7 that brings a satisfied smile on our customer faces we are also offering a 5 day FREE TRIAL** on our Cloud and dedicated servers.

We believe this DECEMBER, RESELLER can definitely earn HIGHER! We wish you Happy $$$ Earnings this festive season!!!