View Full Version : Why Private Cloud Servers are a better choice ?

12-17-2014, 08:34 PM
A private cloud server is designed by segregating a main physical server into multiple virtual servers. This helps the hosting service providers in apportioning common resources required by each of these virtual servers according to their customer requirements and thus customizing them for different end user needs. The users of a private cloud server are able to perform custom independent operations with their private cloud server owing to the freedom they have in choosing their own operating systems and applications. Mostly these resources used by private cloud server are completely saturated from other servers on the platform and hence offer greater choice flexibility in customization, to manage and restructure their resources when compared to a dedicated server.

A private cloud server this successfully bridges the economical and functional gap between less expensive shared (Public) cloud servers and the more expensive dedicated servers. Private cloud servers extend many advantages over shared (Public) cloud servers and dedicated cloud servers.

A birdís eye view of the ADVANTAGES of a private cloud servers are discussed below;

COST: Private cloud servers receive only a part or fraction of a dedicated server and hence are comparatively economical and cheaper.At Datasoft www.datasoft.ws we offer Private cloud servers priced as low as $34/Month and that do not require any contractual requirements.

SEGREGATION: The private cloud server is separated/segregated from other servers on the same platform, Thus there is no direct effect of one serverís activity, performance and customization on another or other servers.

PERFORMANCE: The performance of a private cloud server is noticeably superior than a shared (public) cloud server and a little lower to that of a dedicated server. However, private cloud servers have pre-determined and allocated amount of resources in terms of CPU Usage, Memory and RAM thus making it easier to manage in terms of customization.

SECURITY: Invading the security of a private cloud server becomes nearly impossible due to the fact that they are separated from other servers and are independent with their own operating system and resources. At Datasoft www.datasoft.ws , at no extra cost we offer individually configurable firewall for private cloud servers uniquely different from other service providers.

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