View Full Version : Best in Class VOIP DIALERS –Secure & FULLY ENCRYPTED with ANTIBLOCK FEATURE

01-16-2015, 02:48 PM
For limited period !!!! We are extending 8 Core 8 GB Cloud based iTelSwitch for just $89 per month
Bytesaver with all 6 iTel dialers for just $99 per month with iTelSwitch.

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Cloud based 8 Core 8 GB Server ITelSwitch is

• Easy to manage With fastest call connectivity.
• Uses minimum bandwidth and saves upto 66% of bandwidth needed
• FULLY ENCRYPTED well suited for DIALER to DIALER calls that can be used with voipswitch also
• Antiblock - Each Bytesaver has 40 IP, IP changes dynamically for each call
• Each iTel Dialers with its own Dedicated Bytesaver Proxy server
• No two iTel dialers depend on same Bytesaver Proxy server

Dialers include “ iTel PC Dialer, iTel Symbian Dialer, iTel IPhone Dialer, iTel Windows Mobile Dialer, iTel Android Dialer, iTel Blackberry Dialer, AMR Codec Converter for Blackberry Dialer”

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