View Full Version : Choosing between Cloud Server & Dedicated Server becomes easier!

01-27-2015, 10:08 PM
Need a server solution that will fit to your needs and budget? Compare the options below to make your decisions easily;

CPU Cores - Dynamically Upgradable/Downgradable without server restart.
Drive Type - RAIN Enabled Enterprise grade SSD drives.
Drive upgrades - Dynamically Upgradable/Downgradable without server restart.
Memory - Dynamically Upgradable/Downgradable without server restart.
KVM Access - Free KVM Access by Default.
Remote Installation - Yes, customer can install any Operating System Remotely.
Setup Time - Less than 30 Minutes.
Data Migration- Yes, we migrate your Cloud Server from another cloud service Provider.
Price - 50% Lower price compared to Dedicated Server.
4 Core 4 GB Pricing - As low as $1.25 per Core and GB Memory, Just $10/Month.

CPU Cores - Upgradable/Downgrade not possible
Drives - By Default runs on HDD
Drive upgrades - Upgradable to SSD at a price
Memory - Upgradable/Downgrade not possible
KVM Access - KVM Access at a Price
Remote Installation - NO
Setup Time - Upto 4 Hours
Data Migration - NO
Price - Expensive than Cloud servers
4 Core 4 GB pricing - $29/Month

Now depending on your need and amount of rental you can afford, you may easily pick the right solution,
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