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05-14-2009, 04:32 AM
Hqhost.net announces the immediate availability of Supermicro servers powered by Intelís next-generation processor technology featuring its Nehalem microarchitecture.Realizing the fact that Nehalem architecture was designed with the server market in mind, we would like to give our clients the opportunity to use the latest technology available in the server industry and help them stay a few jumps away of the competitors where server performance counts. The Nehalem Xeons have demonstrated truly astounding leap in performance over prior generations of servers due the implementation of SMT and Turbo Boost Technology. One more point that could be essential for hosting clients is that Nehalem allows 30% lower power usage for the same performance.

At the moment we are offering a number of server configurations based on Nehalem microarchitecture.
One-processor servers:

Intel Core i7-920 2.66GHz
Intel Core i7-940 2.93GHz
Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition 3.2GHz

Dual Processor:

Quad Core Xeon 5504 2.00GHz
Quad Core Xeon 5506 2.13GHz
Quad Core Xeon 5500 2.53GHz

The price of the hosting solution based on Nehalem microarchitecture will depend on the configuration of the server you need.
As an example
1U Supermicro DP Xeon 5500 Series Server with 4x SATA
2x E5540 Quad Core Xeon 2.53GHz 5.86GT/s QPI 8MB Cache 80W Max DDR3
RAM 24GB KIT DDR3 1333MHz ECC Registered 6x4GB
HDD 4x 1Tb SATA2 3Gbps 32Mb 7200RPM Server Edition RoHS
Price $370.00

We can offer RAM upgrade up to 96GB on the server of this configuration.

Contact us to get more info on Nehalem hosting solutions
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