View Full Version : The Top 7 Questions about Social Media Marketing

02-23-2015, 08:17 AM
Social media marketing is a globally accepted way of promoting a business. But there are still doubts with many small business regarding the way social media accounts be operated by companies.

Here are the top 7 seven questions that come to mind while opting for social media marketing.

1. How to start social media marketing?
Marketing on social media isn't a rocket science. It just requires proper methods to implement. It is recommended to have a common brand username for multiple social media platforms so that customers can connect easily. Focusing on the content quality that you share is the basic way of ensuring quality communication with your followers through social media.

2. Developing content for social media in-house or outsourcing. Which one is better?
If it's a small business you can dedicate some time to develop content in house. Scheduling posts also helps. This way you don't have to spend much time on social media.
For big businesses, out sourcing is a good option. It actually depends on the budget. Make sure you out source it to a credible agency.

3. Blogging or sharing videos. What should I go with?
Blogging and writing articles for your products/ services is cool and economical. While making videos or animation, a lot of inventory is used. However, a video is better for advertising since it catches quick attention and engages the target audience. Many people prefer watching a video rather than reading a piece of information.

4. How to gain more followers and likes?
Sharing quality content that can prompt the existing follower to share your posts and posting interesting pictures regarding your services may exponentially add to the followers and likes. It is best to have variety in your posts and something that engrosses people for example; an informative video, a humorous incident, some testimonials, some achievement that you can be proud of, an interesting contest or some witty post.

5. Buying followers? Is it viable?
Not really. It's more important to have genuine followers instead of agencies that help you with followers. Creating a hype up to certain extend is cool until your brand has disposable marketing budget.

6. What to do with negative comments / feedback?
Address all the negativity comments from your customers humbly and take it as constructive feedback to improve your services.

7. Which social media marketing site is better?
Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Digg and instagram are some of the most popular social media platforms. You should go with maximum websites that attract your service or productís target audience.