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02-26-2015, 09:52 PM
What is Ping? What information can it bring us? How much the Ping value of Taiwan server generally is normal? I believe we are familiar to the ping command. Network Ping is a very easy to use TCP / IP tools. Its main function is to detect network connectivity and analyze network speeds.

From Ping figure we can get a lot of information, like the substitution rate, network data transfer speed, data transfer time to live, and so forth can see that from Ping map, which can analyze network quality.

Ping a value of TTL, this data is representative of the survival time from this data, we can probably analyze the ping target IP system. If the TTL value is about 100, usually windows system, if at 50, usually liunx system.

How much the Ping value of Taiwan server generally is normal? Under normal circumstances, Ping value within 100ms are considered normal, but this also depends on the specific application server on the circumstances, some of the uses will require a high speed, then of course the lower the better ping values.

The Taiwan server that provide by Letswin Technology General ping server are stabilize at around 45ms, which better protect network server high quality requirements can be perfectly used.

TW Server(Letswin)

Product Type | CPU | Memory | HDD | Bandwidth | IP | Price

E Series | E5200 | 2G | 160G | 3Mbps | 1 | Monthly:$200(3Mbps) $496(10Mbps) | Quarterly:$498 | Annually:$1889
Q Series | Q8400 | 4G | 320G | 10Mbps | 1 | Monthly:$266(3Mbps) $546(10Mbps) | Quarterly:$666 | Annually:$2466

I Series | i7-2600k | 2G | 00G | 3Mbps | 1 | Monthly:$412 | Quarterly:$986 | Annually:$3938

Bandwidth Upgrade | <10Mbps $86 | >=10Mbps $78 | >=20Mbps $68


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