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03-30-2015, 05:54 AM
Sometimes our website or server fail to open, but you donít know how to deal with it, it is so terrible. Now you donít worry about it anymore.

Here I want to recommend a free and good APP to you: shush! Only tell your good friends!

Iím very upset when website cannot open, no money, no technician, no moodÖ

Since I use V&Web Ė a free website server APP, it can free monitoring website status all day in whole year. It is so convenient and we can liberate ourselves.

Iphone Scan the QR Code to download for free, also you can search V&Web directly in the Apple Store.

You can visit the following website to get free V&Web APP:


If you have any question or suggestion, you are also welcome to contact us.
The following is the introduction of V&WEB functions.

Monitoring: V&Web APP is a free website (server) monitoring tool with 24/7 support. We will monitor your server or website every 20 minutes after you set the corresponding address. Once failure, you will receive a push notification.

Ping: You can ping a server or website to test the response speed of the local network to the server. There are 20 ping results for each time, and you can also repeat ping, and share your ping results to your friends easily.

Whios: You can check the registration status of domain names, or view the current owner contact information, or view the current status of them, etc., and you can also share the whois results to your friends with one key.

Port Check: This tool can be used to scan whether the common port or specified port is open or not. Multiple ports need to be separated by a semicolon when checking.

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