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03-31-2015, 05:00 AM
After its recent merger with JavaPipe LLC, r00t-Services.net launched its DDoS protected virtual machine product line called r00tVM in early March 2015. It's first available at the U.S. east coast in Virginia and comes with native RioRey DDoS protection up to 20Gbps and 4 million packets per second. Backed by a team of security experts who constantly adapt the DDoS mitigation strategies to keep up with the ever changing types of DDoS, you can lean back and focus on the core of your business without having to worry about competitors and cyber criminals that could damage your online service. r00tVM uses full virtualization which means you can run any kind of OS on it - even your own custom ISO images are supported, in case our variety of Linux and FreeBSD images is not enough for you. Some of its highlights are the ability to create snapshots and schedule recurring backups.

r00tVM U.S.

20Gbps/4Mpps Native DDoS Protection
Layer 7 Protection
Full Virtualization
Install Any OS (Custom ISOs)
Instant Setup
Backup Scheduling
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Blazing Fast 24/7 Support
BitCoin Accepted
Virginia, USA

From only $59/mo! -> r00tVM Details (https://r00t-services.net/anti-ddos-r00tvm.php)

For 50% off on the first month, use coupon: r00tVMLAUNCH (Valid only until March 31st)

r00t-Services.net also offers remote DDoS protection solutions, which you can view here (https://r00t-services.net/anti-ddos-solutions.php).

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