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04-15-2015, 02:36 AM
Softlayer data center, American Softlayer company is currently the world's largest IDC company, founded in 2005. Softlaye set up data centers in many countries and regions in the world. Letswin Technologies cooperate with its data center in Singapore, the best after-sales, stable IDC.
* The best connection quality in Asia - Singapore data center, stable and sufficient international bandwidth and improved management system;
* the Chinese system is easy to operate;
* fast connection s to Southeast Asia, Australia region, enterprises preferred;
* absolutely No hidden consumption, free for reinstalling the system, free cracking passwords, no charge to all technical services;
* Singapore hosts, reboot, reinstall the system, recover passwords, fast. Test ip:

Single core Xeon machine-A
CPU: Intel Xeon 3220 4x2.40GHz Memory: 4GB DDR2 667 ECC HDD:500GB SATA Traffic:5000GB ip:1 Price:Monthly :$ 246

Single core Xeon machine-B
CPU:Intel Xeon 3230 4x2.66GHz Memory: 4GB DDR2 667 ECC HDD:500GB SATA Traffic:5000GB ip:1 Price:Monthly :$ 246

Dual-core Xeon machine-A
CPU:Intel Xeon 5310 8x1.60GHz Memory: 4GB FB-DIMM533/667 HDD:500GB SATA Trafic:5000GB ip:1 Price:Monthly :$ 379

Dual-core Xeon machine-B
CPU:Intel Xeon 5320 8x1.86GHz Memory:4GB FB-DIMM533/667 HDD:500GB SATA Traffic:5000GB ip:1 Price:Monthly :$ 392

Quad Xeon machine-A
CPU:Intel Xeon 7310 16x1.60GHz Memory:16GB FB-DIMM 667 HDD:
500GB SATA Traffic5000GB ip:1 Price:Monthly :$ 835

Quad Xeon machine-B
COU:Intel Xeon 7320 16x2.13GHz Memory:16GB FB-DIMM 667 HDD:
500GB SATA Traffic:5000GB ip:1 Price:Monthly :$ 949

If you want to know more models, you can search http://www.letsidc.com/Singapore.aspx

Singapore Server Hosting Notice:

1. this offer has covered win2003 Standard Edition royalties;
2. add traffic: 1000GB, monthly: $ 100. 10M bandwidth, monthly: $ 169, add 100M, another calculation;
3. add 1GB of RAM: $ 26, add 250G HDD: $ 35. add 500G HDD: $ 45 ,add 1TB HDD: $ 86;
4. Singapore hosts CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, free. win2003, 2008 Standard Edition, additional $ 35, 2008, 2003 : $ 59;
5. add a ip, $ 3 / month, you can choose to increase 8 ip, or 16 IP;
6. the price excluded for optional SSD;
7. Singapore hosting provide real-time restart, guarantee to respond within 15 minutes;
8. 24 hour sale free of installing the database environment.

* Your satisfaction means a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service commissioner, we guarantee you professional answers.

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