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04-27-2015, 02:39 AM
Russian server

Letswin provides Russia dedicated server for hosting. Russia hosts regular full lines. Russia dedicated server has the world's first connection quality, good giant data center environment, advanced equipment,and is one of the world's best data center systems.
Russia hosting Advantage
* With cooperation with the data center, Our servers are provided directly to customers without any middlemen;
* offer 7x24 hours technical sales support, fast and convenient;
* Letswin Technology Russia server supports monthly pay, free setup. Testing ip:
Russian server
Common server

Product Type :HSK-1 CPU :Pentium4 Memory :2GB DDR2 HDD :2x250GB Bandwidth: 1TB/100Mbps ip :1 Price :$ 159

Product Type :HSK-2 CPU :E7400 2.93GHz Memory:4GBDDR2 HDD :2x250GB Bandwidth: 1TB/100Mbps ip :1 Price :$ 219

Dedicated Server

Probuct Type :HSK-6 CPU :Core i3-2100 Memory :4GB HDD :2x250GB Bandwidth :1TB/100Mbps ip :1 Price :$ 239

Product Type ::HSK-7 CPU :Xeon E3-1230 Memory :4GB HDD :2x250GB
Bandwidth :1TB/100Mbps ip :1 Price :$ 270

If you want to know more models, you can search http://www.letsidc.com/RussiaServerRent.aspx

Russia dedicated server rental Notice:

System Requirements:
linuxsystem: CentOS,Fedora,Debian,Ubuntu,FreeBSD,free installation!
windows system

windows 2008 web edition $ 35 / month; windows 2008 web edition $ 35 / month; Control Panel: DirectAdmin $ 10 / month; Cpanel $ 49 / month;
Configuration upgrade price: HSK-6-8 can select RAID 0 or RAID 1

Traffic upgrade price:

2000GB / month $ 68 / month; 3000GB / month $ 78 / month; 4000GB / month $ 100 / month; 1G port $ 59 / month +$ 59 setup fee has t be paid in the first month;
Additional IP Price:

$ 3 per month
1. server is not available until payment has been completed, five days in advance for renewals, also needs 5 days in advance to cancel;
2. the Russian server unrestricted access to worldwide network, formal data center lines, stable, safe and reliable;
3. Letswin provides 24-hour after-sales service;
4. if necessary, please contact our customer service staff for another line ;
5. Russia data center accepts single rack rental, the advantages of major data centers are different. Large bandwidth wholesale, please contact Customer Service Commissioner for more details.

* Your satisfaction is our greatest meet, if you have any unknown, please contact our online customer service, guaranteed for your professional answer.

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