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05-11-2015, 02:25 AM
:)Dusseldorf Data Center Profile:
Letswin Technology provide server rental of Germany, Germany data center is located in Dusseldorf. In order to ensure the physical and electrical integrity of our server platforms. In addition to the high-end physical security(including 24hours/7 guards, key card / PAD access, CCTV, waterless fire, VESDA) and 365 days technical staff, our data center equipped with redundant Liebert HVAC units and two AC power supply system: UPS / battery power supply, spare batteries, which can keep the room in the absence of electricity, the power usage for 2 weeks. Letswin Technology have direct cooperation with the German engine room, providing first-class German server rental, all kinds of high-end configuration, and high-quality service, as a distributor for German server, we reinstall the system for free, deal with the problem free, all the technical services free. Letswin Technology has provided Germany server for hundreds of domestic enterprises
* Full support for the monthly payment, NO deposit, NO setup fee, NO hidden costs;
* Germany server is Europe's core industry, PING value is stable, after-sale is thoughtful;
* Independent operators, service assurance, 7 24 hours end-to-end to provides technical support;
* Free server security configuration, virus killing other value-added services. Germany data center.
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Germany Dedicated Server Rental
Product Type: Germany-1 CPU: HP DL120G7 Intel Xeon E3-1220L Memory: 4GB
HDD: 500GB Traffic: 500GB IP:2 Price/month:$164
Product Type: Germany-2 CPU: HP DL120G7 Proliant E1270 Memory: 8GB
HDD: 2x1TB Traffic: 5TB IP:2 Price/month:$226
Product Type: Germany-3 CPU: HP DL120G7 Proliant E1270 Memory: 16GB
HDD: 4x1TB Traffic: 5TB IP:2 Price/month:$262
Product Type: Germany-4 CPU: HP DL180G6 Proliant 2xE5645 Memory: 16GB
HDD: 4x300GB SAS Traffic: 5TB IP:2 Price/month:$434
Product Type: Germany-5 CPU: HP DL120G7 Proliant E3-1220L Memory: 8GB
HDD: 2x1TB SAS Traffic: 100MB unlimited IP:2 Price/month:$226
Product Type: Germany-6 CPU: HP DL120G7 Proliant E31270 Memory: 8GB
HDD: 2x1TB SAS Traffic: 100MB unlimited IP:2 Price/month:$262
Product Type: Germany-7 CPU: HP DL120G7 Proliant E1270 Memory:16GB
HDD: 4x1TB SAS Traffic: 1G unlimited IP:2 Price/month:$1115
Germany Dedicated Server Rental Notice:
* German Host Standard Edition server offer includes various linux, BSD, Ubuntu system, and win2008 / 2012 Standard Edition costs, choice of system 2003, subject to 500 yuan, Enterprise Edition server and various systems of low German server all free win2003win2008 / 2012 standard Edition is free;
* German host reinstall the system, not any technical service fee;
* German host and memory prices, plus 5TB traffic plus $13, plus two Ip, subject to $13, plus six additional $25, maximum increase of 62 Ip. Plus raid 0/1, subject to $33;
* German server (ST room) offers 24-hour intrusion detection, and troubleshooting;
* Germany hosts (ST room) offers 24-hour free after-sales installation database environment, etc.

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