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05-12-2015, 02:57 AM
:)Letswin Technology provide server rental of Italy. Italy data center is located in southern Europe, consists of the peninsula and the two islands which located in the Mediterranean Sea. Italy data center has the world's first connection quality, is one of the southern Europe's better data center systems.
1.Monthly paid,NO setup fee,NO hidden spending.
2.Italy data centerís bandwidth is connection to China bandwidth, PING value is stable.
3.365 days, 7x24 hour technical support.

Italy dedicated server rental
Product Type: Italy-1 CPU: i3 Memory: 4GB HDD: 2x500GB Traffic: 500GB IP:1 Monthly:$164 Quarterly:$443
Product Type: Italy-2 CPU: i7 Memory: 8GB HDD: 2x1TB Traffic: 500GB IP:1 Monthly:$213 Quarterly:$574
Product Type: Italy-3 CPU: XEON E3-1220 Memory: 8GB HDD: 2x500GB Traffic: 500GB IP:1 Monthly:$328 Quarterly:$885
Product Type: Italy-4 CPU: XEON E3-1220(16G) Memory: 16GB HDD: 2x1TB Traffic: 500GB IP:1 Monthly:$377 Quarterly:$1016
Product Type: Italy-5 CPU: XEON E5-2430L Memory: 16GB HDD: 2x1TB
Traffic: 500GB IP:1 Monthly:$492 Quarterly:$1328
Product Type: Italy-6 CPU: XEON E5-2430L(32G) Memory: 32GB HDD: 2x1TB Traffic: 500GB IP:1 Monthly:$541 Quarterly:$1459

Italy Dedicated Server Rental Notice:
1.Delivery: Usually within 48 hours,the regular machines generally 24hours.
2.Italian server price already includes: Debian centOS win2008 / 2012 Web Edition, Standard Edition;
3.Italy server plus IP, per IP$3.3/month, maximum increase of 62 IP.
4.DIY custom is available in Italy dedicated server rental, Please send your configuration needs to our customer service specialist.
5.500G traffic and add $49 / month can change into 2M dedicated international bandwidth.
6.the above default configuration can upgrade bandwidth, traffic, HDD, memory, etc., please contact customer service specialist and we provide 24 hours free installation database environment,etc.;
7.Italy data center provide 24-hour after-sale service, free basic software installation.

* Your satisfaction means a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service commissioner, we guarantee you professional answers.

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