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05-12-2015, 05:05 AM
:)Letswin Technology provide VPS server cloud hosting,with first class and high-quality data center, welcome your purchase.
1.Adequate, reliable, flexible and scalable.
2.High-quality memory and CPU99.99% on-line rate.
3.Restart in 15 minutes with 100% control.

Italy VPS Hosting
Product Type: Italy VPS(1GB) CPU: 1 Memory: 1GB HDD: 30GB Traffic: 3000GB IP:1 Monthly:$82 Quarterly:$221
Product Type: Italy VPS(2GB) CPU: 1 Memory: 2GB HDD: 70GB
Traffic: 3000GB IP:1 Monthly:$123 Quarterly:$328
Product Type: Italy VPS(4GB) CPU: 1 Memory: 4GB HDD: 100GB Traffic: 3000GB IP:1 Monthly:$152 Quarterly:$410
Product Type: Italy VPS(2CPU) CPU: 2 Memory: 4GB HDD: 100GB Traffic: 3000GB IP:1 Monthly:$205 Quarterly:$554
Product Type: Italy VPS(8GB) CPU: 2 Memory: 8GB HDD: 130GB Traffic: 3000GB IP:1 Monthly:$262 Quarterly:$705
Product Type: Italy VPS(10GB) CPU: 2 Memory: 10GB HDD: 160GB Traffic: 3000GB IP:1 Monthly:$541 Quarterly:$1459

Italy VPS(Italy cloud server) rental notice:
1.Delivery: Usually within 48 hours,the regular machines generally 24hours;
2.Italian VPS server only includes: Linux and win2008/2012system;
3.Italy VPS server plus IP, per IP$3.3/month, 8 IP/group,maximum increase of 3 groups;
4.DIY custom is available in Italy dedicated server rental, Please send your configuration needs to our customer service specialist;
5.Add $82 / month with 1000G traffic;
8.the above default configuration can upgrade bandwidth, traffic, HDD, memory, etc., please contact customer service specialist and we provide 24 hours free installation database environment,etc.;
9.Italy data center provide 24-hour after-sale service, free basic software installation.
* Your satisfaction means a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service commissioner, we guarantee you professional answers.

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