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05-15-2015, 02:40 AM
Taiwan HiNet Profile

Taiwan HiNet was founded in the year 1943. On July 1, 1996, it derived from the DGT operating divisions of Taiwan "Ministry of Transportation". Established capital is NT 96.477 billion, and the main business covers the fixed-line communications, mobile communications, and three areas of data communications, providing voice service, dedicated circuit, Internet, broadband network access, Intelligent networks, virtual networks, e-commerce, enterprise integration services, and a variety of value-added services. It's the most experienced domestic integrated Telecom operator and the largest integrated telecommunication, also an important partner of international carriers in promoting globalization instant messaging communication, and comprehensively improving the quality of life of the community, as well as a general increase in economic and social operational efficiency.
Advantages HiNet data center:
* the largest ISP in Taiwan with optimum connection to global network;
* For large bandwidth Taiwan hosting, HiNet is the highest cost-performance;
* best choice for foreign trade, Game proxy;
* global access without any restrictions, not fiber optic line in the market;
* This data center does not accept abnormal customers under attack, please choose carefully;
* morning orders will be delivered in the afternoon. Letswin Technology offers fast deployment;
Test IP:
* Responsible for providing 7x24 hours network maintenance and monitoring to ensure the normal operation of the system.

TW Server(HiNet)
*Product Type: E Series CPU: E2200 Memory: 2G HDD: 160G Bandwidth: 3Mbps
IP: 1 Price: Monthly: US$164/ Quarterly: US$460/ Annually: US$1804

*Product Type: E Series CPU: E5200 Memory: 2G HDD: 160G Bandwidth: 3Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly: US$ 197/ Quarterly: US$492/ Annually: US$1886

*Product Type: Q Series CPU: Q8400 Memory: 4G HDD: 320G Bandwidth: 3Mbps
IP: 1 Price: Monthly: US US$ 263/ Quarterly: US$705/ Annually: US$2623

*Product Type: Q Series CPU: Q9400 Memory: 4G HDD: 5000G Bandwidth: 3Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly: US$ 279/ Quarterly: US$738/ Annually: US$2787

*Product Type: I Series CPU: i5-2400 Memory: 4G HDD: 500G Bandwidth: 3Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly: US$ 312/ Quarterly: US$738/ Annually: US$2869

*Product Type: I Series CPU: i7 Memory: 8G HDD: 500G Bandwidth: 3Mbps
IP: 1 Price: Monthly: US$ 361/ Quarterly: US$984/ Annually: US$3279

*Product Type: X Series CPU: Xeon E5320*2 Memory: 8G HDD: 500G Bandwidth: 3Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly: US$492/ Semiannually: US$2164/ Annually: US$3935

Taiwan HiNet Data Center Hosting Notice:

* We offer free system reinstallation once in a month. More times are available for our regular customers.
* Global servers of Taiwan HiNet hosting packages: 5M, 10M. For large bandwidth leasing and better price, please contact the online customer service.
* Global servers of Taiwan HiNet separate ip, $ 18/month for one, and special price for ip number according to the amount of bandwidth.
* Taiwan HiNet data center provides co-location for servers in Taiwan. Please contact online customer service for special offers.
* We provide 24 hours detection of internet attack processing and troubleshooting.
* Free installation of database environment 24 hours a day after sale.

* Your satisfaction means a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service commissioner, we guarantee you professional answers.

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Head quarter:1st F,No.54 Anping Rd., Zhonghe dist., Taipei, Taiwan