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05-16-2015, 07:07 AM
There are different types of web hosting services made available to host your website. Therefore it is imperative for you to know what service you’d require before signing up for a web hosting service. Additionally it is also important for you to know the kind of server you and your business requires including the budget and the kinds of services the web host has to offer.

To make this easy for our clients from varied business backgrounds, our dedicated team of professionals from Infometricx Pvt Ltd has made it easier for you to understand the varied hosting options available and which one would best suit your business requirement.

At Infometricx the hosting options available are a) free hosting b) Shared hosting c) Dedicated hosting d) Collocated hosting. The professionals at Infometricx will help you with choosing the right domain to host your site i.e. free hosting is suitable for non-critical website for fun. Shared hosting environment will be used by you as well as other business owners with one server. If you need the entire web server for yourself than dedicated hosting will be recommended. In case you want to purchase the server and host it various web host facilities than you can use collocated hosting which will leave you responsible for the server itself giving you the full advantage and control over the web server.
For more detailed information contact leading web hosting service providers- Infometricx Pvt ltd for further assistance. www.infometricx.com (http://www.infometricx.com)